Why did you choose to study abroad and not in India?

Here are some common reasons why students might prefer studying abroad over studying in their home country, such as India: Quality of Education,Global Exposure, Specialized Programs, Research Opportunities, Quality of Life and Infrastructure,Career Opportunities,Cultural and Personal Growth, Escape from Intense ...
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Why did you decide not to study in India?

Why not study in India? There are several reasons why someone might not choose India for study. These reasons can include concerns about the quality and recognition of education, potential language barriers, cultural differences, and differences in infrastructure and facilities compared to Western universities.
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Why foreign education is better than India?

In contrast, foreign education systems emphasise flexibility and provide students with a wide range of course options and specialisation areas. Students can often choose their courses based on their interests and career goals, and they have the freedom to explore different fields.
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Why do you wish to study in the USA and not in India?

The facilities and resources available to students in the USA are far superior to those available in India. Another important reason is the availability of employment opportunities after graduation. The USA has a strong economy and offers many jobs in various fields.
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Why do you want to study abroad especially in India?

Career Opportunities: Another key reason why some Indians opt to study abroad is the potential for better career opportunities. Studying in an international institution can provide Indian students with exposure to a wider range of industries, networks, and job prospects.
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Why would you choose to study abroad?

By studying abroad, you will experience new perspectives, learn how to navigate different cultures, work with diverse peers, and communicate in other languages.
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Why did you decide to study abroad?

This is because studying abroad helps you appreciate other cultures and overcome bigger challenges. You also get a better understanding of the world around you which can definitely help you in the workplace as well. All of these qualities are soft skills that modern businesses look for while hiring.
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Why are US universities better than India?

American universities typically offer a more flexible and diverse curriculum compared to Indian universities. Students in America often have the freedom to choose from a wide range of courses and customize their academic paths according to their interests and career goals.
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Is studying in USA worth it for an Indian?

There are innumerable benefits of studying in USA for Indian students after 12th. Some of the benefits to study in USA include the following: US is home to some of the world's finest educational institutions. As per the QS World Rankings 2022, it is home to 33 of the top 100 colleges in the world.
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Why do you wish to study in Canada and not in India?

You'll find a high standard of living in Canada. International students benefit from the same rights and freedoms that protect all Canadians: respect for human rights, equality, diversity and a stable, peaceful society. Canada ranks in third place globally for the best quality of life (U.S. News & World Report, 2022).
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Is studying abroad better than India?

Studying internationally provides the students with diverse course options and many skill based training. Indian college does not provide different course options whereas foreign college provides you with deeper depth of the study and higher scope of the courses.
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What are the disadvantages of studying in India?

Top 5 Problems in Indian Education System
  • Lack of a budget. Early schooling required students to physically travel to and attend classes. ...
  • Too much Pressure on Grades. ...
  • Too much competition. ...
  • Not Focusing on Overall Growth. ...
  • Lack of Training.
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Is it worth studying in India or abroad?

While it's clear that your earning ability is much higher if you graduate from a top business school abroad, it's also important to remember that tuition and living costs are much cheaper in India. So while you may be making a much higher annual income abroad, you'll most likely have a lot more debt to pay off as well.
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What is the difference between foreign and Indian education?

The main difference between the education system in India and the education system abroad is the theoretical approach vs. practical approach. Indian education is primarily theory-based, whereas foreign education systems are predominantly practical-based.
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What is the difference between Indian education and foreign education?

Also, the Indian education system doesn't allow creativity as such. On the other hand, in foreign countries; they focus more on practical based learning usually. It also allows creativity in the education system. As far as India is concerned, education is a formality, part of the routine.
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What is the difference between Indian education and American education?

In India, successive educational programs are primary, secondary, higher-secondary, graduation (Bachelor's degree), master's, and doctoral studies. In contrast, the various levels of the US education system include elementary school, middle school, high school, and then higher education.
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Why Masters in USA is better than India?

World's Best Universities are in USA

The foremost reason why masters in the USA is so sought after is because some of the best universities in the World are located in the United States. These universities offer a wide range of degrees and programs that are top-notch.
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Is US education better than India?

Quality of Higher Education

India: Institutions like IITs, IIMs, and AIIMS are globally recognized. However, a QS World University Ranking report showcased only a few Indian universities in the top 200. USA: With 45 of its universities in the top 100 according to the same QS ranking, the USA leads in higher education.
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Why do Indians want to study in USA?

The US is the undisputed leader in terms of educational excellence. The US education system is a top-ranker for its widely known research-oriented expertise. Home to 3,600 universities, the US has the biggest chain of universities and colleges, thus, international students have ample options to choose from.
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Why do you want to study in the US answer?

Q: Why do you want to study in the US? Tip on Answering: Show the interviewer how convinced you are to study in the US. A flexible education system, cultural diversity, top-ranked US education programs and a welcoming US community are all potential reasons.
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What are the benefits of studying in USA?

Top Benefits of Studying in the USA
  • High Academic Standards. ...
  • Flexible Education System. ...
  • Highly Advanced Research Laboratories. ...
  • Excellent Professors and Faculty. ...
  • Diversity of Programs. ...
  • Higher and Quick ROI. ...
  • Tremendous Support for International Students. ...
  • Earn While Learning.
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Why is USA more developed than India?

Clean Slate - It is easier, cheaper to develop from scratch than to redevelop an existing city. Also, you can design it better as per your experience. Land of Immigrants - People who left their country went to USA to work hard and make money.
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Why do you want to go abroad interview questions?

When answering this question, focus on the positive aspects of working overseas, such as the opportunity to learn new things and gain new experiences. You should also highlight the challenges that you are aware of, such as homesickness or language barriers, but show that you are willing to overcome them.
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Is it better to study abroad or in your own country?

Studying abroad allows you to broaden your horizons and comprehend and evaluate problems and phenomena from a longer-term, global perspective. Someone who can show on their CV that they studied abroad has a significant advantage when it comes to impressing prospective employers.
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