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The Santa Ana Cultural University Center, located in the city of the same name, is a college facility affiliated with the Universidad de Extramurda.  The primary aim of this popular institution is to provide focused training for both students and working professionals in a limited range of academic and career-related fields.  Some of these areas include:

  • Primary School Education
  • Secondary School Education
  • Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Social Work
  • Food Services

The Santa Ana University Center prides itself on its track record of giving its students the confidence they need to excel in the above-named professional fields.  Through its variety of programs, the college educates students in the various legal and regulatory requirements of their chosen field of study, and offers preparatory courses that help students take and pass their specific licensing exam.


The faculty of the Santa Ana University Center is made up of expert instructors who are leaders in their respective fields.  Unlike what students would encounter at a traditional university, teachers here present a well-rounded curriculum that focuses specifically on its limited number of professional offerings; providing students with the knowledge and training they will need to secure and maintain employment in Spain’s competitive economic environment.


The primary mission of the Santa Ana University Center is to ready students for careers in the fields of Engineering, Agriculture, Education, Food Services and Social Work.  They accomplish this mission by giving students a comprehensive course of education, training and orientation geared specifically to these prevalent and ever-growing occupations.  This specialized and humanistic educational strategy allows students to receive a measure of training not found at the larger and more comprehensive universities—one that directly meets the needs of current and future employers. 

In addition to small class sizes, students at Santa Ana University Center receive a bounty of opportunities each semester to meet one-on-one with instructors who are able to address any specific questions or needs that may come up.  This flexibility allows the university—and its faculty—to consistently adapt and update the curriculum as the need arises.

The Santa Ana Cultural University Center is home to state of the art classrooms and facilities, all equipped with the very latest in educational technology.  Especially impressive is the school’s library—the “Library of the Commandery Marquis IX”—named for the godfather of the university’s founder, Don Mariano Fernandez Daza.  Opened in 1996, the library contains nearly 200,000 books and records, including an impressive collection of early Spanish fiction and countless records detailing the history of Santa Ana and the university.  The library is open to the public.

All Programs Available:
  • Education
    • Education
  • Engineering
    • Food Science Engineering
    • Technical Engineering in Agronomy
  • Human Studies and Services
    • Social Work
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Public University


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Secretaría Cultural Santa Ana (Escuelas Universitarias) - C/ IX Marqués de la Encomienda, nº 2., Almendralejo, Badajoz, Spain, 06200