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C.E.S Santa María de los Ángeles, was created and managed (still is) by a cooperative of teachers and is committed to the creation of job opportunities through a quality and comprehensive education. The center is located in Malaga and has been leading in education for more than 50 years. The center’s ideologies are based on conveying teachings and education aimed at developing people, and on increasing performance by ensuring competency. To achieve this, the center uses an innovative technique of training that is founded on classroom discussions, business simulations and cooperative learning. C.E.S Santa María de los Ángeles also works towards promoting certain values such as diversity, respect for all, critical thinking, social responsibility, and commitment to innovation among others.

The center has a number of learning facilities. It has science and physics-chemistry laboratories, language laboratories, and computer workshops as well. The school is also equipped with a SEFED learning room (Simulation of Companies with Educational Purposes) where learning is conducted in a business simulation setting that is organized in different departments such as administration, accounting, marketing, human resources and so on. Throughout their coursework, students are expected to rotate in the different fields so as to develop, acquire, and practice the skills they will need so as to blend in the labor market.

C.E.S Santa María de los Ángeles works in collaboration with other local and global centers thus increasing the interaction of its students with other students and the global market as well.

All Programs Available:
  • Business
    • Administration Technology Management
  • Education
    • Secondary Education
  • Health
    • Health Occupations
    • Practical Nursing
    • Pharmacy Technician
  • Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism and Travel
    • Travel Agency
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Type of school

Primary or Secondary School




Plaza Pío XII, 2, Malaga, Málaga, Spain, 29007

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