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The Graduate Program of Design and Planning (International Program), King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi With the 5 keys Values: Academic Excellence, Innovation Passion, Human Values, Knowledge Synergy, Partnerships, we, are the Graduate Program of Design and Planning (International Program) which is being developed by a multidisciplinary team of young academics in conjunction with foreign experts and accomplished external advisors. The program is designed to meet prospective demands on professionals who are well versed in innovative research and design, and pioneering planning techniques and methodologies. It helps professionals develop these skills through a dynamic and innovative learning environment revolving around human values, knowledge synergy and partnerships. Advanced Knowledge, specialist techniques and recent technologies are provided in seven fields of study: Architecture Design Built Environment Design Communication Design Design Management Human-Centered Design Lighting Design Urban Management Synergy among the separate fields, networking at national, regional and global levels, and the international recruitment of students and faculty from multiple disciplines shall be encouraged so as to consolidate the cutting-edge quality of the program and to help ensure sustainability in local and regional futures. Philosophy To develop design professionals who understand the concept of knowledge development and innovation by focusing on multidisciplinary and self-learning experience in humanity blending with technology and sustainability. Objectives - To develop design professionals who are capable of knowledge development based on multidisciplinary perspectives in the areas of design and planning and are capable of learning both the specialized and related design professional knowledge. - To develop design professionals who can collaborate with other disciplines effectively and flexibly; being able to adapt to changing environment and a diversity of knowledge; and developing specific self-organizing knowledge from multidisciplinary knowledge in response to the needs of national and international market. - To develop design professionals who generate new knowledge related to design and planning on their own preference by utilizing applied knowledge and research for local and South-East Asian society, economics, culture and change. Education is a very important process to form intellectual characteristics and attitude of individuals. KMUTT is a modern university aiming at research and innovative activities that can be applied and be useful to society. This new graduate program is designed as a cluster of real-life labs synergizing highly qualified experts and professionals. This multidisciplinary effort will be a strong foundation for a knowledge-based society. Collaboration, innovation and achievement are at the core of the program. The program will be exploring various opportunities for value innovations. Everyone will be considered a part of the Team. We hope for this to be a life-long engagement which will eventually lead to a sustainable environment and society for successful and happy individuals Find more information:

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  • Architecture, Building and Landscape
    • Urban Architecture & Design
  • Arts, Design and Crafts
    • Architectural Design
    • Design
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Bangkhuntien Campus, 49 Soi Tientalay 25, Bangkhuntien-Chaitalay Road, Takham, Bangkhuntien, Bangkok, Thailand, 10150


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