Fashion Editor

Fashion editors oversee the procedure of creating, developing and showing subject matter for fashion particularly in television shows, websites, magazines, newspaper segments and photo shoots. Editors may specialize in clothing, make-up, accessories, etc. They also supervise the stylists, market work and prop-closet inventory. Life of a fashion editor also required traveling around, whether local or international trips to update with the newest or most modern fashion trends and considered that as an additional benefit to the job. Working with famous fashion models and designer is another additional bonus for this job.

Fashion editor-in-chief is in-charge for deciding the imaginative influence and trend to pursue by their units in a given period or upcoming issues. Some of the well-known fashion editor-in-chiefs are Robbie Myers, which is connected in Elle Magazine; Cindi Leive works in Glamour Magazine, and Anna Wintour of Vogue Magazine.

Some fashion editors prefer to be freelance. They are responsible in finding their own projects and customers. The fashion editor works on a contract or project basis and estimate the entire expenses of the fashion shoots, which involve the necessary accessories and clothing. And others prefer to be in-house fashion editor who works in online publication, magazine and newspaper. The qualities needed for in-house-editor are personal style, fashionistas and confident that they will be successful in this kind of career. They usually employed in a publication or organization and regularly work from 9 to 5, which offer a weekly salary and benefits.

There are several markets in which potential editors may search occupation including but not restricted to television show, fashion sections of news, fashion magazines, lifestyle and entertainment magazines, website, newspaper, and so on. Expansion in any of these fields signifies an increased demand for skilled or qualified editors and writers.

The way of thinking of a fashion editor must be artistic, hardworking and eager to start at the lower position and take possibility or chance as they proceed. Once you acquired the said qualities the opportunities for improvement become more obtainable. The personal skills that are needed for a fashion editor include the expertise in fashion industry trends, ability in journalistic with the aptitude to communicate professionally, interpersonal, planning and management ability, ardor for fashion, and able to work under pressure due to deadlines. The career paths for fashion editors are Editor-in-Chief, Senior Editor, Editor and Associate Editor. Salary of most fashion designers ranges from $30,000 to $100,000.

The required education for fashion editor is a 4 year bachelor’s degree in Journalism or Fashion Design & Merchandising. A degree in Liberal Arts with the necessary assignment is also a good alternative.

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