Media Relations Specialist

Media Relations specialists usually are Public Relations degree holders. Although, often interchanged with public relations, media relations in truth is not the same as public relations. The field of media relations, as compared to public relations, has a more limited scope. Media relations typically deal and coordinate with people connected or involved in producing news through mass media channels. Media relations specialists would normally avoid paying advertising agencies to promote something and would just rather maximize mass media coverage like the evening news. For example, a presidential candidate doesn’t have enough funds to go all out in full scale campaign so what they would do is contact a media relations specialist and give their campaign itinerary to news outfits like CNN or FOX news or to national newspapers and hope that reporters will cover their actions. Making headline would really give maximum exposure as even though people won’t actually buy newspapers, still the headlines would be read by thousands or millions of people just because the news were written in bold letters on millions of newsstands around the nation. Like in the case of Obama, during his campaigns, media coverage were maximized as reporters are covering his every speech and opinions on issues as he might become the first colored president of the United States.

With technology evolving, traditional mass media like television and radio now don’t dominate news coverage. The Internet really is giving these traditional mass media networks a run for their money. Remember how Sarah Palin was ruined by a youtube video? Because she wasn’t really that prepared to take one-on-one interviews, especially with veteran anchors such as Katie Couric, their opposition took this opportunity and broadcasted this disastrous interview over The video was immediately viewed by millions of young voters and the appeal of Sarah Palin was turned to ash in an instant. It was disastrous because she was used to stating canned statements prepared by her party’s staff and when no scripts was in her hand, of course, the viewers knew that Palin’s knowledge of politics and economy would become a liability as a crisis is beaming to greet the new administration to be. As American voters are very mature and wise, the video would not be construed as malicious as it was really Sarah Palin speaking on a television-broadcasted program. The Internet just made the video more accessible to millions of Americans in so short a time.

In politics, it is not just really who has a good platform that wins, but nowadays, it is becoming quite clear that winning an election is also like a chess game between two public relations or media relations specialists. Whoever has more access to more mass media outfits would definitely have more channels to express their candidate’s views. For candidates, they must make sure that the media specialist they will hire will have a spectrum of contacts from television to radio and of course, the Internet.

Media specialists are not only election aides but definitely, their services will be welcomed wherever mass media coverage is needed.

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