Investor Relations Specialist

Public relations graduates may find employment in companies with a public relations department or investor relations department. Usually, publicly listed companies have an investor relations department which usually handles media related affairs. Investor relations office also handles answering the questions of anyone interested in buying and selling the company’s stocks, commercial papers and bonds. It is the job of the investor relations specialists to first and foremost sell the company’s financial instruments to investors. This is the main reason why an Investor Relations specialist is required to have a degree in Public Relations. The company would be able to sell their commercial papers, stock and bond offerings easier if someone is making their image look better and more appetizing to potential investors. If the company has an image of stability and professionalism, for sure investors will queue up to buy their commercial papers. Investor relations specialists are also in-charged of overseeing shareholder meetings, press conferences, one to one briefings with big time investors and even the company’s annual reports. Any information that will be scrutinized by the public and investors are the overall responsibility of the department.

It is important that the company’s press releases would not make the company look bad or in trouble because one false word would surely rattle the investors and would send the company’s stock price spiraling down. Nowadays, people are very critical to a company’s financial condition. Press releases are very important because that is where investors look for clues whether they should buy or sell their holdings. Investors would not like to hear words like “sales were down,” “no dividends this year,” “targets will not be met this quarter” or any indication that the company is losing money. If the company is doing bad it would fall on the Investor Relation’s department to make their investors hold on to their investments and to dissuade them from selling. When it comes to passing of good information to investors, it would also be up to the investor relations department to time the release of that piece of information. A very good timing would surely push the stock price of their company upwards. For example an announcement of interest rate cut was just made, which usually boost stocks, and coinciding with the company’s 50% dividend increase would surely entice investors to buy up equities to a company that is giving 50% dividends.

Investor relations department of utility companies like power and train companies usually have added duties apart from informing its investors of the financial state of the company. Because companies of these nature are of special interest to everyone, especially during crisis, when there’s a blackout or power outage, or when a train got derailed, an explanation from the company usually are demanded by the public. Why is power not being restored immediately? Why is the train delayed? The longer a press release is not made rumors and speculations would mushroom and then ultimately would sow panic to the general populace. Usually, rumors of terrorists attack would surface as to cause of delay or people would start to believe that there might have been something serious that happened if the company has not issued a statement to allay fears of the public.

Because almost every publicly-listed companies needs an investor relations specialists, opportunities are plentiful and their services will be sought after.

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