Advertising Account Manager

Advertising careers are usually grouped in teams and each member has a different contribution. These teams are also called departments, each assigned with a different task to accomplish and each are under the command of different executives. One of the most important departments that serve as the backbone of an advertising agency is the account services department. This department is responsible for acquiring and managing accounts of clients in the advertising agency. The person responsible for this department is the Account Director. The primary role of the Account Director is to supervise the whole advertising process. This includes assisting the client in working and improving the preferred marketing strategy and overseeing the finished ad campaigns. Account directors maintain the connection and coordination of the client with the agency, making certain that the client’s objectives are met and that all the input from the different departments of the agency are balanced. They are well informed of the client’s products or service and the market and consumer’s to which it is directed to, through this, the necessary adjustments and fitting advertising strategies are made. They also understand the marketing objectives of each client regarding sales and competitor products, to make sure that clients have the upper hand in the competition for sales. The Account Director briefs all the departments involved to see to it that the stages of production are accomplished. They assist the client in solving marketing problems and makes sure that the advertisements and campaigns are on time and on budget. Account directors do not only have responsibilities concerning the clients, they also have tasks that keeps the agency running, such as making sure that the account is profitable and is running well, and ensuring that resources are always on hand. They must stay alert for opportunities to grow clients and the agency itself. An Account Director always aims for superior performance from the team as well as superior products for the clients.

As an Account Director, one must be a strategic thinker, resourceful, meticulous for detail and has outstanding communication skills. They must learn how to present marketing strategies and production work in front of groups of clients and they must be convincing enough when they introduce the capabilities of the agency to fulfil their objectives. This career requires a lot of collaboration and cooperation and team leading skills are a preferable to be able to run the whole team in an account. This position requires a business or management degree and usually account directors are offered the position after proving their capability in handling clients. This career is one of the highest paid positions in an advertising agency accompanied by a greater probability for promotions.

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