Academic Researcher

You become a Researcher or Academic Researcher because of your invaluable education and experience in research-based academic writing. Your awareness about the features of the genre called research-based writing gives you a notable skill in the varying areas of organization of academic papers. Your experience and exposure to the works of many other authors in English academic discourse will help you gain a greater influence as you development your own voice—both as a researcher and as a writer, too.

For the record, a research paper is considered to be the core genre of academic writing. And so, as a Researcher you have to acquire the skills and proficiency that you will need in researching your own thesis paper as a student; and articles, papers, and dissertations as a professional researcher.

As a Researcher, you are expected to have a full grasp of the many research techniques and methodologies that will help you in exploring new ideas to research on, in supporting and criticizing the works of other researchers and writers belonging in your chosen discipline.

Being a Researcher, you are compelled to make decisions about which style you are going to employ. And so, in making decisions about your own style or adopted style of researching you have to have a considerable amount of researching on various languages and disciplines. You have to discover and study the stylistic choices you are exposed with. This is in special consideration of your particular preference in researching.

To develop a strong sense in your style of writing as a researcher you have to gain recognition of when to speak with authority, when to invoke your assertions, and right familiarization of the valued academic and formal conventions of writing and researching. Finally, in choosing your own style, you have to also consider your preferred genre and preferred readership or audience.

However, when it comes to the nature of research writing, you as a Researcher should have the skill to address, to critique, and to evaluate the works of other researchers and writers and come up with an argument or claim of your own. As a Researcher, you should always aim high which means you have to practice researching and writing with the aim of getting your materials, articles or your research paper published. This is extremely important and you should always make this objective as your driving force as you live the life of a Researcher.

You have to always execute as well the elements of researching. As a Researcher, you know that researching involves different stages which are considered to be repetitive as well. Such stages of research writing are: to carry out initial research procedures, to develop a research question, to read more, to do note-taking, to identify the structure of your future research paper, to write your first draft, to gather comments, and eventually draw your conclusions.

Though the entire process sounds too simple, the process itself is very daunting. Therefore, as a trained Researcher, you have to perform each stage professionally and appropriately so that you can come up with a research paper that is worth reading and worth publishing.

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