At some point, a writer writes and at the same time edits—this is what a writer is supposed to be. On the other hand, an editor edits and at the same time writes to better express an idea that the writer wants to convey. So, writers can pass as editors, and editors can pass as writers, too. However, to streamline the works and responsibilities of an editor and a writer, both should compromise. So, if you choose to become an editor is it better but if you choose to become an exclusive writer, much better.

But still as a Writer, you still have to choose your specialization or the nature of your writing career. You can become an Academic Writer, a Creative Writer, a Medical Writer, and a particular sort of writer—it depends on your field of preference and expertise. However, to draw the line clearer, writers and authors can be categorized into three categories as well and to be able to determine which category suits you best, you can evaluate the categorization. There are writers who produce content for print and online media. There are writers who are also editors and their job is to evaluate and select content that will be needed for publication. The last category is the technical writers who specialize in producing materials, materials that will serve as instruction manuals and documentation resources.

To further develop and advance your career as a Writer you have to acquire your college diploma to get hired by top employers. Liberal Arts courses, Communication courses, Journalism courses and English courses are the key courses that employers look for. And if you are aiming for a Technical Writer position it is best that you choose your specialization early on and have a degree on that particular field of study say for instance science.

There are other requirements which you can present in landing a writing position. Though such may serve as supplementary requirements they can still make a huge difference in your application. As a Writer, you have to have the capability to express your ideas clearly through writing. You need to have a better judgement as well. Your capabilities should also include creativity, curiosity, self-motivation, and a great interest in constantly improving yourself as a Writer.

Your unpaid writing services also help in marketing yourself to the employers. Such writings are invaluable and will not simply add to your experience but will make you a reliable and effective Writer. To further advance your career as a Writer, you can also engage in other professions which are directly connected to your career as a Writer like doing research, editing, proofreading, copy editing, and more.

The job opportunities for Writers are infinite. The Writers are considered to be the most flexible professionals that company would hire immediately because they are equipped with skills, experiences, ideas, and talents that would greatly contribute to the company they are serving with which may include employment for newspapers, book publishers, non-profit organizations, and other private and government agencies.

When it comes to compensation, Writers can be well-salaried. With such talents (as mentioned above), they can even dictate their earnings but with consideration as well as to what they can offer as Writers to their readers.

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