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About Primary and Secondary Schools in Sweden

Sweden has one of the best school education systems in the world. The present system of primary and secondary education in Sweden came into existence in the year 2000. Both primary and secondary education is free and compulsory in Sweden. Upon completing a year at the kindergarten level, children need to enroll into primary schools at the age of seven. Primary schools in Sweden comprise grades one to five. Once students have taken their fifth grade examinations, teachers determine whether or not they are ready to progress to secondary schools.
Primary Education in Sweden
Primary schools in Sweden are further divided into two stages:
  • Stage 1 – The first stage of primary education in Sweden comprises the first, second and third grades. During these years, children are trained in the basics of writing and reading. The majority of basics pertaining to both language, as well as, numbers are taught while children are in the first grade.
Upon reaching the second grade, they are taught to read out loud. This could include large chunks of text from a particular passage or reading a poem etc. Children are also taught to solve problems that are more complicated than the ones which they solved while they were in first grade.
In third grade, students are introduced to subjects like history, geography and the sciences, all of which are taught with the help of illustrations.
  • Stage 2 – The second stage of primary school in Sweden encompasses the fourth and fifth grades. During this stage of primary education in Sweden, students are introduced to the concept of making independent projects on topics of their choice. Significant advances are also made in subjects like English and mathematics. Upon reaching the end of fifth grade at a primary school in Sweden, students have to appear for an examination in all subjects, to qualify them for secondary education.
Secondary Education in Sweden
Secondary education is also divided into two stages:
  • Lower Secondary Stage – The lower stage of secondary education in Sweden comprises students in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades. This stage of secondary education, places a strong emphasis on natural sciences, history, geography and literature. Examinations are held on an annual basis in these subjects.
  • Upper Secondary Stage – The higher secondary education in Sweden focuses on examination oriented studies. This level of secondary education in Sweden entails taking regular examinations in all subjects, and not just once a year. Students in a secondary school in Sweden have to sit for tests on a regular basis. Completing projects and getting them graded is also an essential part of upper secondary education. Laboratory work is mandatory at this stage, and it is graded regularly by the school. It is necessary for students to complete their laboratory work satisfactorily to graduate from a secondary school in Sweden.
Both primary education and secondary education in Sweden entail formidable challenges and in-depth study for students, following which he becomes prepared for a successful professional life.

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