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Accounting Studies in Germany

The roaring German economy attracts investors and business students from across Europe and throughout the world. Because accounting is a common specialty among people who study business administration, and because there are countless prestigious business schools throughout Germany, it is extremely easy to find a program that will enable you to study accounting in this country. German accounting degrees are highly valuable because of the long prestige of German education, especially in the field of business. Within the EU, no country has a stronger reputation for fiscal management than Germany, and accounting students can often benefit from the strength of this reputation.

Getting an accounting degree in Germany is also valuable because it is an opportunity to improve the student’s German language skills. Most business schools in Germany conduct their classes in German, which might be a barrier to some foreign students. However, if the student has an acceptable level of German at the start, it is easy enough to get into an accounting program – accounting is primarily a quantitative discipline rather than a verbal one, so a lack of well-honed language skills is less of a barrier than it would be in, say, history or philosophy. Once the student has graduated, however, he or she will inevitably have a far better grasp on the German language, and will therefore be in a better position to find work in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or another German-speaking country. In addition, accountants who speak German as a second language might be particularly in demand in the branch offices of German corporations outside of Germany. For example, if a German firm has an office in France, it will be an advantage for that office to have accountants who are fluent in both French and German. Thus, the job opportunities for those who study accounting in Germany are quite auspicious. Of course, this benefit only applies to students from within the EU, since working in the EU is often difficult for citizens of other countries, and a number of abstruse visa restrictions may apply.

There are a total of 32 business schools in Germany, as well as a host of universities that have smaller business programs. Depending on their specific needs, each student might be best served to look at a different category of program. At the undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) level, many students choose to attend a general university so that they can focus more broadly and get a wider range of educational experiences than they could at a German business school. However, business schools offer a great intensity and rigor than cannot be equaled by other kinds of institutions. Thus, people who want a highly specialized education, especially at the Master’s level, typically look to the dedicated business schools.

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