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Higher education in Taiwan comes under the purview of the Ministry of education. Higher education institutions in Taiwan include both publicly funded and privately run. The latter now accounting for almost sixty percent of all institutions in Taiwan.  Higher education institutions in Taiwan are of the following types:
  • Universities in Taiwan have at least three faculties and offer a wide array of programs
  • Colleges in Taiwan are smaller than universities and offer four year specialized courses
  • Institutes of Technology offer four year technical courses and two year senior secondary programs
Higher education in Taiwan includes compulsory courses in Chinese literature, history, the constitution, a foreign language and moral conduct. Physical education is taught for 3 years and military training for 2 years. Classes at these institutes in Taiwan are conducted at morning and evening. Courses with evening classes usually take a year longer than those that require morning classes. Open universities in Taiwan also offer adult education programs. There are broadly three stages leading to the conferment of Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degrees, upon successful students.
Bachelor Degree in Taiwan

The bachelor degree program in Taiwan usually takes four years to complete. However, there are programs that take longer. The Bachelor degree program in Medicine take seven years, including a year of internship; Dentistry takes six years, including a year of practical experience; and programs in Veterinary Medicine, Teacher Training and Architecture take five years each.
Students can gain admission to bachelor’s degree programs in Taiwan in one of three ways:
  • Admission by Application: In this case, students must pass a Subject Competency Test (SCT) and apply to multiple institutions/faculties, which may then be followed by an examination or interview with an interested faculty
  • Admission via Recommendation Screening: This process involves the senior high school recommending its student to a faculty besides the student passing the SCT and a Designated Subject Examination (DSE) or an interview at the faculty.
  • Admission via Examination: In this case, students are admitted to bachelor’s degree programs, solely on their SCT and/or DSE scores. Students can either write the SCT and one or more DSEs, or take at least five DSEs
Bachelor degree programs in Taiwan typically have general courses, compulsory core courses and elective courses as part of the curriculum. As in the American higher education system, bachelor degree programs in Taiwan include a large number of general courses.
Master Degree in Taiwan

Master’s degree programs in Taiwan usually span two years, though there are programs taking just a year or as long as four years. Successful completion of a master’s degree in Taiwan requires students to complete compulsory courses, pass a written final exam and defend a research paper. Knowledge of English and a foreign language is also compulsory for students of master’s degree programs in Taiwan.
Admission to master’s degree programs in Taiwan requires candidates to have successfully completed either a four year bachelor’s degree course, or a two year junior college course along with at least three years of work experience. Students, who successfully complete master’s degree courses, are awarded Master of Science or Master of Arts, depending on their specialization.
Doctoral Courses in Taiwan
Universities in Taiwan also offer doctoral programs lasting anywhere between two to seven years. There are multiple ways of gaining admission to doctoral programs in Taiwan. Typically students have earned a master’s degree and passed the written entrance examination to the doctoral program of their choice. However, candidates with a bachelor’s degree only, but with outstanding academic results and at least six years of work experience, or medicine graduates with two years of relevant work experience are also allowed to apply to doctoral programs in Taiwan and take the required entrance examination. Students, who successfully complete the requisite coursework, pass a written final examination and defend a doctoral research thesis, are awarded the Doctor of Philosophy.

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