Medieval Faires in Spain

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In Spain you will find throughout the yearmedieval faires,renaissance faires, or historical festivals in various cities. They usually include a medieval markets, parades, music, dance, and enactments of historic events. Here are a few of these events sorted month. Please visit the ones that best fit your interest, schedule and budget.


Dates: 5-10 January

Valverde del Jucar (Cuenca)

Event: Moors and Christians Festivities

In Valverde del Jucar in the province of Cuenca, Moors and Christian Festivities were the first of such festivities celebrated in Spain. These festivities date several centuries back. The first historic documents that speak of the celebrations are dated in 1808, although it is believed than in the 18th century they were celebrated and before. In Valverde del Jucar Moors and Christians festivities are colorful and lively event.


Dates: Second weekend in February

Location: Teruel

Event: The Wedding of Isabel de Segura’

Since 1997, the people of Teruel have celebrated what is one of the more important public festivals of the city: The Wedding of Isabel de Segura. Local people recreate the mediaeval ambiance of the thirteenth century. Thousands of residents revive that time through street celebrations, a Middle-Ages market, theatre, music, and dancing. However, the main attractions are the many re-enactments of “The Lovers of Teruel” all during the days of the celebration. Like all the public holidays of Teruel, the atmosphere is festive and friendly.


Dates: First weekend of June

Location: Hospital de Orbigo (Leon)

Event: Medieval Tournaments of Passo Honroso

Passo honroso was a tournament that took place in 1434 on the bridge located at Hospital de Orbigo. This village has been enacting Passo honroso tournaments for several years in commemoration of the event. The full town of 1200 people participates dressed in the attires of the time: ladies in full length, velvet dresses; knights with tunics, swords and shield; archers, monks, innkeepers, and peasants. Everyone becomes involved in the historical festival. The activities include concerts, enactments, games, parades, archery, dances, the medieval dinners, a medieval market, even a Medieval Latin mass, and off course the tournament over the bridge.


Dates: Mid July

Location: Sepúlveda (Segovia)

Event: Fiesta de los Fueros

This is a medieval faire that has been celebrated for the last 4 years. There are live theater representation enacting medieval historical events of this historic town in the province of Segovia. The festive activities include concerts, workshops, music ands many other surprises.


Dates: Middle of August

Location: Consuegra (Toledo)

Event: Consuegra Medieval

For ten years, in the middle of August, the city of Consuegra in the province of Toledo has commemorated the battle and siege of the castle that took place in 1097 between the Almoravids followers and the army of King Alfonso VI. Diego Rodriguez, son of the Cid Campeador, was killed in the battle. During three days enactments take place in the Castillo de la Muela as well as in the city. During the vents, Consuegra is dressed up in full medieval clothing so that the events are preserved in everyone’s memory.

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