Places to Visit in Andalucia

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Think: stunning architecture, magical wilderness and culture galore to explore- sounds dreamy. Andalucia has breath-taking sights by the plenty all waiting for you. Flights booked? Then you’re about to jet off somewhere very special.

Rich in History and Culture

Split between two faiths many years ago, the area of Andalucia has an unusual history that’s well worth delving into. From ancient mosques that have been transformed into churches, to beautiful historic palaces – there are so many tales to be told.

Be sure to make a trip to Mezquita in Córdoba. You’ll be mesmerized by the intricate interior of the mosque and its charming courtyard dotted with orange trees and topped off with the sound of trickling water from the fountains. The Alhambra in Granada is another must. Here you’ll experience terracotta walls and tranquil waters to stroll by as you attempt to take in the enchanting history of the traditional Spanish palace.

Wander into the Wilderness

As well as upbeat living, Andalucia offers a more relaxed countryside experience too. Journey to the South Coast and you’ll find some gems. The Los Alcornocales National Park, near Cadiz should be high on your ‘to see’ list. You’ll feel like you’ve fallen into a fairytale as you wind through its leafy green landscapes only broken by the spectacular waterfalls.

If you like amazing views, opt for a two-wheel visit here, and you’ll certainly get just that as you cycle uphill. For something a little different the railway reclamation, Vía Verdes, is ideal for exploring the local area without being disturbed by noisy cars and busloads of tourists.

Feed Your Appetite

It’s no secret that the Spaniards know how to rustle up some very tasty offerings, and this could not be truer in the area of Andalucia. If you opt for a visit to Seville, you must try some of the renowned marmalade spread over fresh local bread in the morning… or any time of day for that matter. Yummy! If seafood is your thing, you’ll be in heaven here – the freshest of catches, sizzled to perfection. Round off your day in paradise with a glass of local sherry by the wispy red skies – idyllic.

Towns Worth Travelling To

No matter where you’re headed for in Andalucia, you’re probably in for a treat. The towns and cities offer so much traditional Spanish charm, making them perfect for shorty city breaks, or week-long explorations alike. If Cadiz is on your itinerary prepare to fall in love- it’s marvellous cathedrals provide days’ worth of exploring, and you won’t be able to resist the tantalizing blue waters as you stroll along the sands.

Granada is equally wonderful. Wander through its narrow streets and marvel at the rocky backdrop of the city. Sunsets here are really something else! If you’re looking for somewhere with a little few tourists opt for Carmona in Seville, which offers all the Andalucian treats on a slightly smaller scale- you won’t be disappointed!

Andalucia really is the perfect area to delve into magical Spanish history and get to grips with the interesting culture. Adios!

Images by Nick Kenrick and Antonio, used under Creative Commons license.

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