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The amazing world of Ciudad Encantada (“The Enchanted City”)

The city of Cuenca is known for its famous and exhilarating tourist sites such as the Casas Colgadas (hanging houses acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site), Cuenca Cathedral, Museum of Spanish Abstract Art, Ciudad Encantada, The Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art, and The Museum of Cuenca.

The Ciudad Encantada is an amazing and remarkable natural site of limestone rock formations. It is situated in the municipality of Villalba de la Sierra, approximately 33 km. (21 miles) north of the city of Cuenca. In June 1929, it was declared a Natural Site of National Interest in Spain. It covers an area of about 250 acres or 100 hectares.

The geological phenomena of the Ciudad de Encantada is says to be the result of thousand of years of natural evolution of limestone rocks caused by atmospheric elements – water, wind, snow, erosion, etc. These natural events shape and mold the stones over time. The surrounding of the Ciudad de Encantada is filled with good vegetation such as the pine tree dotted with juniper providing a perfect shade and resting area for exhausted travelers.

One will have an unforgettable experience while traversing the site. Every rock formation will surely catch your attention and imagination. Some limestone shapes can be easily associated with ordinary objects or things that are part of our everyday life. While some just don’t make no sense at all at and will make you ponder endlessly. Various rock structures will surly take your breath away. Probably the most famous of them is the “Tormo Alto” that resembles a mushroom. It stands at 20 meters and easily seen near the entrance of the site. The top part is mostly grayish while the bottom has reddish tones. Other formations you may find interesting and noticeable includes the following:

  • Boat – 3 large stone rocks on the top of the mountain
  • Bears – these rocks depict 2 bears fighting one another
  • Covenant – a narrow hole that appears to be a half-open door of a covenant
  • Crocodile
  • Dog – looks like a fox terrier guarding a forbidden city
  • Elephant
  • Face – a man’s face with the nose, mouth, chin and eyes clearly observable
  • Hippopotamus – gigantic rock that seems to be a hippopotamus
  • Lion
  • Roman Bridge
  • Seal
  • Sea Waves
  • Theatre – has stage and huge courtyard of seats. You may have a hard time looking for this one, it is quite hidden on the corner of the park
  • Turtle – appears to be a turtle with the neck outside of its shell
  • Whale

It will take you approximately 2 hours to walk around the Ciudad de Encantada. Do not forget to bring some water and of course your camera or video. You can even play a guessing game while observing the different rocks. There are so much fun things to do in Ciudad de Encantada so enjoy your trip!!!



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