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The University Center “César Ritz,” also known as the César Ritz Colleges of Switzerland, offer students a world-class education in the field of hospitality business and hotel management.  As an international institute of hotel management, the school’s main priorities are academic rigor, Swiss professional training, multicultural awareness and a caring approach to the personal development of their students. César Ritz Colleges Switzerland are proud of their worldwide network of hospitality employers and alumni, as many of the graduates of their international hotel management institute in Switzerland are now working as industry professionals and leaders who exceed customer and employer expectations through their persistent dedication to excellence.

Brief History of the César Ritz Colleges Switzerland

In 1982, the first of what would be the César Ritz Colleges of Switzerland, the Schulhotel Alpina, was opened in Brig by Dr. Wolfgang D. Petri.  Below is a timeline listing some of the other key dates in the historical development of these well-renowned colleges:

  • 1985.  The first Bachelor program in Hotel Management in Switzerland is launched in cooperation with Washington State University, USA.
  • 1986.  The "César Ritz" Foundation in the Valais region and Mrs. Monique Ritz, daughter-in-law of the famous hotelier, give the honor of allowing the foundation to name their colleges after César Ritz, "The Hotelier of Kings and The King of Hoteliers".
  • 1986.  Opening of the Institut Hôtelier César Ritz in Le Bouveret on the shores of Lake Geneva.
  • 1991.  Launch of the first Hotel Management Postgraduate Diploma program in Switzerland.
  • 1992.  First U.S. Bachelor degree in hotel management in Switzerland in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
  • Opening of the International College of Hospitality Administration (ICHA) in Brig.
  • 1997.  ICHA is renamed the University Center César Ritz following the Swiss Government authorities’ approval of the use of the name "University".
  • 2000.  The first Master of Science in International Hospitality Management is launched in Switzerland in co-operation with Manchester Metropolitan University (UK).
  • 2003.  Recognition by the State of Valais, Switzerland of the Bachelor of International Business and the Master of International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management.
  • 2005.  The first Swiss hotel management school receives accreditation from TedQual, the accrediting body of the World Tourism Organization and part of the United Nations (UNWTO).
  • 2005.  College President, Mr. Martin Kisseleff, and Mr. Bernhard Schwestermann arrange a management buy-out. César Ritz Colleges continues to be independent and 100% Swiss owned.
  • 2010.  The annual European conference of the prestigious United Nations World Tourism Organization is held at the University Centre César Ritz in Brig.
  • 2011.  Invision Private Equity AG acquires César Ritz Colleges Group. César Ritz Colleges joins the network of the Swiss Education Group.
  • 2011.  Swiss Education Group acquires DCT, University Center in Vitznau, Switzerland.
  • 2012    DCT becomes part of César Ritz Colleges and moves to Lucerne.
  • Opening of the Lucerne Campus in the former renovated Hotel Union building.
  • 2012.  César Ritz Colleges leads the revolution and is the first Swiss Hotel Management School to introduce iPads as an interactive learning tool.
  • 2013    César Ritz Colleges announces the University of Derby (UK) as its academic partner for all Master degree programs and reinforces the status as an international hotel management institute, rooted in Switzerland.

Core Values of the University Center César Ritz

According to information on its website, the core values of the University Center César Ritz are as follows:


University Center César Ritz embodies passion for academic rigor and excellence in the quality of the education provided. Excellence is a quality that César Ritz Colleges’ students continue to seek throughout their international career in hotel management.


Service represents the desire instilled in students to give consistently good service in everything they do. Students learn the importance of customer service in their professional life and strive to always exceed customer expectations.


At the University Center César Ritz leadership is seen as a life-long skill that ensures success in each student’s personal and professional development. Leadership skills are encouraged so that students can inspire those around them and equip themselves with a range of transferable skills.


Care plays a vital role in all activities at the international hotel management institute in Switzerland; the faculty cares about the student body and provides a healthy and nurturing environment so that students can maximize their potential.


At the University Center César Ritz innovation involves the constant review of existing activities and exploration of ways to improve and offer exciting new services and study options. Inspiring innovation in students work environment guarantees positive results.

César Ritz Colleges trusts that its students will continue to live by these core values throughout their personal and professional life, thus ensuring for themselves a happy and successful future.

University Center César Ritz:  Reputation, Accreditation and Recognition

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland have a reputation for providing quality and excellence in hotel and tourism management education. The world-class academic partnerships they’ve secured guarantee academic rigor and the international certifications they hold ensure all programs are up-to-date with hospitality industry trends and requirements.

The qualifications awarded by César Ritz Colleges are accredited and recognized in Switzerland and the worldwide hotel industry.

Academic Recognition

César Ritz Colleges’ Higher Diploma and the Bachelor of International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management are recognized by the State of Valais. The accreditation authority for these programs is the 'Conseil de la Formation et de la Recherche Universitaires (CoFRU),” established under the auspices of the State of Valais Department of Education, Culture and Sport, Switzerland.           

Professional and Academic Quality Standards Assured

César Ritz Colleges are recognized by the Swiss Hotel School Association (ASEH). It is the only association in Switzerland that evaluates and recognizes hotel schools and imposes strict eligibility requirements.             

Quality of Education Certified

The board known as EduQua ensures the quality of educational institutions by setting minimum standards and supporting quality improvements in its certified institutions.

United Nations World Tourism Organization Certified

César Ritz Colleges is the only Swiss hotel school to receive the prestigious TedQual certification from the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).               

International CHRIE Membership

The International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education is the global advocate of hospitality and tourism education for schools, colleges and universities offering programs in hotel and restaurant management, food service management and culinary arts.

THE-ICE Accreditation

The International Centre of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE) is an international accreditation organization that is dedicated to the recognition, benchmarking, development and promotion of quality programs in tourism, hospitality, events, and culinary arts (TH&E) education, training and research.

Why Study Hospitality Management in Switzerland

For those thinking about studying and later pursuing a career in hospitality management, Switzerland offers a number of key advantages as a study abroad destination.  Switzerland offers the very best in education and lifestyle. It is the ideal place for international students and is renowned for its high quality of life, central European location and reputation as the birthplace of hospitality. Without a doubt Switzerland presents the best conditions to study hospitality and tourism management.

Here are just a few reasons to consider studying in the beautiful country of Switzerland:

Exceptional Quality of Life

While studying in Switzerland you will enjoy the safe environment of the country, its exceptional natural beauty and cultural diversity. Switzerland is:

  • Safe and modern with high living standards
  • A multicultural society with four official languages (German, French, Italian and Romansh)
  • Easy to access by road, rail networks and airports

Centralized Location

The transport and tourism infrastructures in Switzerland are amongst the best in the world making it very easy and comfortable to travel around the country. Major Swiss cities are all located within one to three hours by train or car, and because the country is centrally situated in Europe, Switzerland gives you the opportunity to visit and experience other European cities, such as Paris, London and Milan.

The Birthplace of Hospitality

Switzerland’s reputation as the birthplace of hospitality was established over a hundred years ago when the first palace-style hotels were built. These grand hotels catered to an exclusive clientele of royalty, aristocrats and wealthy individuals lured by the Alps and alpine tourism. Guests of this era demanded the highest levels of service excellence and the leading Swiss hoteliers of the time responded by systemizing the processes for hotel operations. These processes were the foundation for the enviable reputation Switzerland has today in hospitality, hotel and tourism management.

Simply put, Switzerland enjoys a long tradition of educating future leaders in hospitality management and a reputation for educational excellence. In particular, the Swiss hotel management programs offered at the University Center Cesar Ritz is recognized by the industry as being of exceptional quality.

All Programs Available:
  • Business
    • Business Administration
  • Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism and Travel
    • Hotel Management
    • Tourism Management
Language of instruction


Type of school

Private University


+41 24 482 82 82


Rte Cantonale 51, Le Bouveret, VS, Switzerland, 1897


Swiss Hotel School Association (ASEH)


World Tourism Organization

Washington State University

Manchester Metropolitan University

More information about Academic Programs

Swiss Higher Diploma in Hotel & Tourism Management

Bachelor of International Business in Hotel & Tourism Management

Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business Management

More information about Graduate Programs

Postgraduate Diploma in International Hospitality Management

Master of Arts in International Business in Hotel & Tourism Management

Master of Science in International Hospitality Management

Admission Requirements

  • 18 years of age or over
  • 1High-school diploma
  • 1English language proficiency of TOEFL 500 or IELTS 5.0 or OOPT 50+ or equivalent

Language Requirements

Minimum TOEFL score of 500 points, or equivalent English level qualification.


You will find detailed information about our fees on our website.


Our fees include full board and accommodation.

Services and Activities

There are excellent opportunities to participate in social and sporting activities throughout Switzerland and Europe. Many of these activities are organized by the Student Committee, which is elected each term by the student body. Social activities provide you an opportunity to get to know your fellow students away from the campus environment and can often develop your professional knowledge. The Student Committee organizes events such as the weekly theme nights and excursions to tourist attractions, visits to famous cities, exhibitions and industry trade shows in Switzerland and beyond.

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