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Since the 1970´s, Madrid’s Escuela Superior de Artes y Espectáculos (University School of Arts and Entertainment), known locally as TAI, has been operating as the first independent arts school of higher education in Spain. The institution boasts a solid academic structure and an intense focus on artistic production and artistic rate. TAI is the first school of its kind to offer official university courses and degrees in the scenic arts and contemporary music composition, where titles are granted and awarded in conjunction with the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid.

The Escuela Superior de Artes y Espectáculos is a laboratory for creative ideas and the creative process; a place that features a professional stage for artistic productions and readies students for careers within the entertainment industry and culture. Its educational offerings are integrated into six distinct interdisciplinary artistic areas:

  • Cinematography and TV
  • Music
  • Scenic Arts
  • Fine Arts
  • Design
  • Set Design

Within these six fields, TAI awards official certificates for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, as well as specialized courses and combination degrees.

TAI is a multidisciplinary institution that is open to all of the creative minds of the region. The institute offers its students the very latest in technology and equipment—equipment that is designed to enhance and facilitate powered creativity. Students learn through inspired and focused teaching plans, professional work experiences and creativity exercises, all aimed at providing them with the unique experience and knowledge they will need to successfully transition to the professional world.

The Escuela Superior de Artes y Espectáculos TAI is a pioneer in the fields of Music, Film and the Media Arts, as well as in Photography and a variety of Fine Arts disciplines. The school’s novel educational model, backed by over 40 years of successful experience, intertwines theoretical instruction with practical experience and offers students a direct one-on-one pipeline to the institution’s expert faculty, which is composed of renowned professionals in their specific area of expertise. The main goal of TAI is to ensure each student acquires a high level of competence that will ultimately allow him or her to use their artistic gift to inspire others.

TAI’s wide network of supporters is made up of over 20,000 artists, including alumni, faculty and professionals from a variety of creative industries. With over 60 classes and 500 daily scheduled practices annually, TAI represents a vibrant community of artists from more than 30 countries worldwide.

The Escuela Superior de Artes y Espectáculos TAI works in close collaboration with the business world. The production platforms, performance and art exhibitions associated with TAI comprise a fundamental stage from which professionals, artists and students can test out various approaches and methods in a given field, and do so in a supportive and innovative environment that enables and prepares them for the professional world of employment.

The primary mission of the Escuela Superior de Artes y Espectáculos TAI is to work with and inspire students to "listen, change and improve today’s society with imagination and professionalism."

All Programs Available:
  • Arts, Design and Crafts
    • Fine Arts
    • Music
    • Photography
    • Design
    • Scenography
    • Scenic Arts
  • Communications
    • Film TV and video
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Independent Private College


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C/ Serrano Anguita, 10, Madrid, Spain, 28004


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