Physiotherapy University Professor

Several careers are available in physical therapy and one of these would be a teacher or educator in the Academe. By obtaining a Masteral degree (MSPT/MPT) or Doctor of Physical therapy (DPT), physical therapists are accredited to instruct students as professors and educators. For some countries, a license to teach is needed and also the proper license for the specific area or region as instructed. The curriculum in physical therapy is very extensive and a profoundly educated teacher is required to elaborate in detail the required subjects such as anatomy, neuroanatomy, therapeutic exercises and skills training to be able to produce highly qualified and competent future therapists. As an educator, one must be persevering in giving instructions and training the novice students. It is imperative that the educator can communicate well and be able to clearly relate all knowledge necessary for the student. In this career, knowledge base is far more considered than the practical skills of a physical therapist. It is suggested for those who would want a career involvement in curricular activities rather than being in the hospital settings.

An advantage of this career path is the time for part- time actual patient handling in private homecare or out- patient clinics, since during long breaks, educators are also enjoying some time off the classroom setting and may be able to expose themselves in actual treatments and to further hone their skills in theory or in practice. Another advantage is the average salary an educator receives apart from the actual practice in clinics. It is an advantage since almost every year, tuition fees increase and the advancement in the curriculum itself will give the educator an edge in the mean increase of annual income.

Becoming an instructor would also give the therapist an opportunity to research on the topics and new areas of study that must be introduced to the students. Part of the job would be to completely be in detail with new breakthroughs in the profession and to be able to convince students through lectures that indeed such breakthroughs are effective. Clinical evidence and sharing of personal clinical experiences are also a plus since the students would be more interested in attaining the degree when they get to hear the best stories from their superiors. It also backs up the theories and claims of most treatment and assessment procedures since patient handling experience is documented as clinical evidence and pupils would be more enthusiastic if the most basic principles taught to them are tried and tested by their own teachers.

Being a physical therapist in the academe is indeed a collaboration of hard work, experience, patience and knowledge to be able to successfully hone great future therapists for the increasing demands in allied health care.

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