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Astronomy Studies in Argentina

Argentine National Congress, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaArgentina is a beautiful and fascinating country and a great destination for your upcoming study abroad adventure; studying astronomy as an international student.  Located on the continent of South America, the Argentine Republic, as it is officially called, lies on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and shares borders with a number of other nations, including Brazil and Uruguay in the northeast, Bolivia and Paraguay in the north and Chile to the west and south.  Its culture is a mixture of European elegance and the self reliant country lifestyle of the traditional gauchos, with a touch of the indigenous traditions absorbed into the national milieu.  Argentina has an excellent system of higher education, represented by its forty-seven national public universities throughout the country and forty-six private institutions, many of which are run by the country’s national religious group, the Roman Catholic Church.  The University of Buenos Aires, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, the National Technological University and the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina’s oldest institution of higher learning, are among the most important universities in the country and responsible for much of the research that takes place here.

Astronomy Education in Argentina

There are a number of universities in Argentina that offer astronomy education as part of their curriculum, but the programs most highly touted in the country are those offered by the National University of Cordoba (UNC), which offers astronomy degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  UNC is the oldest university in Argentina and one of the oldest within the Americas.  The institution was opened in 1613, and since that time it has been a significant center of influence, helping to set the tone in the country’s cultural, scientific, political and social arenas.
Students who wish to pursue a career in astronomy must at minimum possess a bachelor degree in the field, but because the professional positions related to astronomy are very research-oriented, many of them require a master degree or doctorate. Students planning to enter the astronomy program at UNC should have a solid background in areas that include physics, engineering, mathematics, environmental science and computer programming and applications.  Upon being accepted into the program, participants will learn how to apply the principles of physics and mathematics to study and hypothesize about the universe outside of the Earth. Through practical courses, they will discover how to gather data on the characteristics of other planets, moons and galaxies and apply their knowledge to space travel, environmental science and navigation.   Ultimately they will learn how to use this data to devise new theories about astronomy—theories that will guide further research in the field.
The coursework leading to a degree in Astronomy will include titles such as physics, cosmology, fundamentals of Astronomy and theoretical astrophysics.  In addition to having a strong foundation in math and science, astronomy students must also have the ability to solve complex problems, conduct research and analyze data. Also vital to the astronomy student are excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to formulate new ideas.

Why Study Abroad in Argentina

So why should you choose Argentina for your upcoming study abroad adventure?  Actually, the reasons are too numerous to mention, but you can start with the country’s natural beauty.  Argentina is a country that is stretched from north to south, producing a physical geography that features a number of different micro-climates.  Together they make Argentina a country of fascinating diversity and immense beauty.  From the shores of its pristine beaches to the wonders of the untouched rain forest, the country is a natural paradise with flora and fauna that is seen nowhere else on earth.
Argentina is made up 23 provinces and the autonomous capital city of Buenos Aires.  Each of these regions offers unique cultural traditions, folklore, festivals and their own style of tasty cuisine.  A sightseer’s dream, the country features a variety of landscapes:  waterfalls, mountains, lakes and glaciers.  It capital city of Buenos Aires will make you feel as if you are walking along the streets of Europe, with architecture that resembles that of 17th and 18th century France, Italy and Spain, a country with former colonial ties to the country.
There is always something to do and see in Argentina when you’re not busy hitting the books or conducting research in one of the state-of-the-art laboratories.  In the major cities, for example, you’ll see numerous demonstrations of the country’s national dance—the Tango—and you can even enroll in a class to learn the dance for yourself.  Argentina is an ideal country in which to pursue a variety of activities:  water sports, golfing, fishing, horseback riding, shopping, dining, pleasure cruises, wine tours, whale watching and riding ATVs.  Its restaurants serve a wide array of local and international fare.  Argentine beef is considered among the best in the world, and the country’s empanadas are famous and can be stuffed with just about anything you find tasty, including beef, ham, cheese and corn.
The climate in Argentina is warm and welcoming throughout most of the year, as are the Argentine people.  Argentines are renowned for being gracious and friendly with visitors from other countries, and quite eager to help students become acclimated to their new surroundings. You’ll find this is true from the moment you step off the plane in Argentina, as the friendly hospitality shown to international students is one of the primary reasons the country has continued to gain popularity as a pleasing—and quite affordable—destination for study abroad participants.

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