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Industrieweg 34A, Assen, Netherlands
Hanze Institute of Technology is an institute in Hanze University of Applied sciences that provides education on sensor technology and its application in our daily life. The University of Applied Sciences was created in 1798, in Netherlands and displays over a century of experience in providing advanced education. The Hanze Institute of Technology provides bachelor programs in Advanced Sensor Application and minors in Sensitive Innovations. Their specific goal is to become Europe’s most... See full description.

Binnengasthuisstraat, 9 , Amsterdam, Netherlands

International Service Desk, PO Box 72, Groningen, Netherlands

P.O Box 80125 , Utrecht, Netherlands
The Utrecht University was founded in 1636, being today a modern and internationally renowned institution and classified as one of the best in the world. Part of his teachings are conducted in English. It welcomes over 30,000 students, being more than 2,000 coming from different countries.

Costerweg, 50, Wageningen, Netherlands

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