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DIS - Danish Institute for Study Abroad

Copenhagen, Denmark
Danish Institute for Study Abroad came into existence in 1959. It is run by the Danish government, while having affiliation with the University of Copenhagen. The centre is located in Vestergade - the city centre of Copenhagen. The centre offers more than 100 courses, covering topics such as environment, ethnicity, inequality, urban issues, design, gender, child development and health care. DIS uniquely offers long term study tours in Europe, especially Denmark. These tours hold credit points and are guided by teachers of DIS. DIS is endorsed by the Danish Minitry of Science, Technology... See full description.

University of Southern Denmark

Odense, Denmark
The University of Southern Denmark offers international degree programs in five main faculties including Humanities, Health, Science, Engineering, and Social Sciences. The education offered by the university is of the highest quality and is dedicated to a global perspective. The undergraduate programs run for a total of three years and graduate study programs for two years. Foreign students have the opportunity to be guest or exchange students for one semester or a whole academic year and they also have the opportunity to select courses from any global degree programs and other additional... See full description.

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