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Industrial Design Studies in Italy

You can study industrial design in Italy at the Florence University of the Arts.

Degrees in industrial design concentrate on merging utility with experience, design, teaching learners to research, and innovating and solving emerging issues. Students pursuing industrial design acquire a comprehension of innovation, technology, and problem solving skills as well, and they become artists, engineers, and creative thinkers all at once.

Studying industrial design in Italy

If industrial design is your passion, then you should consider pursuing your education in Italy. This is because the industrial design programs in the country are designed to offer students the experience they need to become competitive in the field. Students are taught lessons on modern prototyping and model making using 3D printers. The programs combine design, technology, and art to create concepts of products. Students are taught by dynamic design teachers who are active designers and have a strong professional background. The students are equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge in the field and get to work on real world projects thus increasing their experience.

In Italy, the course is offered at three different durations. This allows learners to choose the length that is preferable for their expectations and needs. The first is the one year program. This allows students to acquire specialized techniques in a short period of time. The course covers the most relevant components of the field and it enables students to obtain knowledge on modern software. The two-year program of industrial design is highly challenging and enables students to reach the highest specialized levels and come up with prototypes for products. The three-year program enables students to acquire an exemplary cultural background in the field and a strong and solid experience.

Most of the universities in Italy offer industrial design courses in the English language. Students are, however, required to have basic knowledge of the language and this means evaluating their level of the language by taking the IELTS language test. All courses in the field focus mostly on industry-relevant subjects. Some of the courses covered in the field include communication, technology, marketing, and a wide range of design concepts just to mention a few. Students not only leave with the tools to design products but also with the skills to market and sell their items.

Some of the universities students can enroll in for the course include Florence Design Academy, Sapienza University of Rome, and the Polytechnic University of Milan among others.

Career options in Industrial Design in italy

As an industrial design student, there are a number of career options for you and most of them are designer-centric, but the specializations and fields range widely. Some of the fields to work in include logistics and supply chains, marketing, special effects fields, exhibition design, consumer products design, software industry, and automotive industry among others. You can decide to work as a designer, design coordinator, entrepreneur, researcher or manager, in the private or public sectors, and an individual or in a team.

The best thing about pursuing industrial design in Italy is that you get to learn and speak the Italian language thus allowing you to work in the Italian market.

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