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Accademia Riaci is a unique school in Florence, Italy, which is based around the idea of helping students sense and develop their own artistic personality. The academy's faculty consists of renowned artists of various fields, following the mission to assist and inspire next generation artists. Students within the academy are greatly encouraged to develop their own creativity, while also refining their techniques. Classes are small, which ensures success due to the personal attention given to each student. The courses offered are in Art and Design, Culinary Art, Language Courses, as well as internship opportunities and summer courses.

All Programs Available:
  • Arts, Design and Crafts
    • Industrial Design
    • Jewelry Design
    • Interactive Design
    • Illustration
    • Sculpture
    • Creative Arts
    • Ceramics
    • Accesory Design
    • Visual Arts
    • Painting
    • Graphic Design
    • Design
    • Architectural Design
    • Arts
    • Jewelry and Metals
    • Drawing and Illustration
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Fashion
    • Interior Design
  • Occupational Training
    • Restoration
    • Baking and Pastry
    • Culinary Arts
    • Gastronomy
  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • Language Courses
    • Language Courses and Cultural Immersion Programs
    • Literature
  • Sciences
    • Geothermal Energy
Language of instruction

English, Italian, Japanese

Type of school

Independent Private College


+39 055289831


Via de' Conti, 4, Florence, Toscana, Italy, 50123

More information about Academic Programs

We provide English interpretation for Art courses free of charge. Programs we provide are: Jewelry, Interior Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Painting and Drawing, Ceramics, Glass Art, Leather Working, Restoration of Paintings, Preparation Course for Accademia di Belle Arti. Spring/Summer Art Courses(Jewelry Making, Interior Design, Leather Art -Shoe Design&Making, Bag Design&Making, Painting/Drawing, Glass Art, Fashion Design&Making, Ceramics, Graphic Design, Restoration of Paintings), Italian Home Cooking for Professional or Amateur, Internship, Italian Language

More information about Graduate Programs

Jewelry, Interior Design, Product Design, Graphic Design, Leather Working, Painting and Drawing, Restoration of Paintings, Ceramics, Glass Art, Apprenticeship, Professional Interpretation (Taught in Italian)

Admission Requirements

BASIC COURSE 1. High School Diploma or its equivalent 2. Sufficient Italian Language Proficiency 3. If available, a portfolio on CD-ROM of 12 artworks that best represent the student's work style. ONE-YEAR / SEMESTER COURSE 1. High School Diploma or its equivalent / College Degree or its equivalent 2. Sufficient language proficiency in either Italian, English, or Japanese 3. If available, a portfolio on CD-ROM of 12 artworks that best represent the student's work style. MASTER COURSE 1. Graduates of Riaci's Basic and/or One - Year course, or... - Graduates of 4 year colleges in art or design / Equivalent working or training exerience in a specific field, and desires to pursue their studies in a further advanced level. 2. Sufficient language proficiency in either Italian, English, or Japanese 3. A qualification exam including a 12 piece portfolio that best represents the student's work style is required for admission. PRE-COLLEGE SUMMER CREDIT PROGRAM 1. High School Students from ages 16 and above 2. Language Proficiency in Italian, English or Japanese 3..High motivation and passion for Art and Design


For Basic (2-year) Course: Non EU students-Enrollment Fee €2,000+Tuition €5,800 =Total €7,800 (per year) EU students -Enrollment Fee €2,000+Tuition €4,800 =Total €6,800 (per year) Master Course (1-year): Non EU students-Enrollment Fee €3,000+Tuition €11,000 =Total €14,000 (per year) EU students -Enrollment Fee €3,000+Tuition €9,000 =Total €12,000 (per year) Semester Course: Art Short Courses: Enrollment Fee €100(per year)+Tuition €1,300(per 4 weeks) =Total €1,300 (per 4 weeks) Italian Language Course: Standard: Admission Fee €100+Tuition Fee €880/4weeks Specialized: Admission Fee €100+Tuition Fee €1,300/4weeks (Small Groupe - 1Lesson/45mins X 60 Lessons,Private - Lesson/45mins X 30 Lessons)

Financial Aid

Scholarship. Although there are currently no government funds or endowments available for financial assistance, past students have consistently received financial assistance from private educational loan companies. You may also apply for scholarship directly from Accademia Riaci. Scholarship by Accademia Riaci: Students may apply for scholarship from anywhere in the world. They may be eligiable to recieve coverage of the whole tuition or partially,depending on his/her artistic level. To apply, please send the following items to admission office or your nearest information center. Required Documents For Scholarship: - ACCADEMIA RIACI Scholarship Application Form (PDF) - 1-2 pages statement objectives (Italian or English) - Portfolio of 12 Art works (prefferably on CD-ROM)*If you don't have any experience in the field which you are applying for, it is not necessary to submit. - A portfolio description sheet listing each piece by number, size, medium and the date completed. * red Documents: - 2-3 recommendation letters from faculty, work supervisor, or any authority with a close relationship, if available. **You MUST write which course you are applying for. In case you don't write course name, your documents cannot be sent to the selection committee for scholarship. Deadline: By three months prior to the course commencment date. *The number of students who may be accepted is limited. Please submit the Required Documents as quickly as possible.


Accademia Riaci has several "Student Flats" (shared apartments) reserved for the academy's students. Flats come with one or several rooms per apartment, and one room may be shared by students of the same sex, or reserve for a single student. Location They are located in either a walkable distance or within a 10 - 15 min. bus ride away from the school campus, and may come with or without a host family. The definite location of the flat will be communicated to each student upon enrollment, by a week prior to the course commencement date. Facilities Bathrooms and kitchens will be shared with your flat mates. Basic cutlery, pots, pans will be available for student use. Stay Students are allowed to stay at the Student Flats up to 3 months. If their course exceeds this period (Basic, One-year, Semester, and Master Courses), the school will assist students to find a local apartment according to their likings and budget, while they stay at the Student Flats. Prices: Shared Room 4 weeks: 500 Euro 8 weeks: 1000 Euro Single Room 4 weeks: 700 Euro 8 weeks: 1400 Euro The expenses for water, light and gas are included in the price.

Services and Activities

International Student Accademia Riaci welcomes students from all over the world. The diverse background of Accademia Riaci's students creates a rich multicultural community that promotes the exchange of ideas and viewpoints. The staff is multilingual and ready to assist overseas students wherever they attend our programs. STUDENT VISA A student visa is required for most countries in order to study in Italy for periods longer than three/six months. Students must obtain the information on visa procedures by their nearest Italian Consulate. To apply for a student visa, students will need a CERTIFICATE OF ENROLLMENT issued by ACCADEMIA RIACI, which should be taken to the local consulate. Visa procedures vary in each country, but please consider a minimum of 30/60 days for it to be issued. For more details on visa information regarding your country, see this site - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy Note: The Certificate of Enrollment can only be recieved after the payment of the enrollment and tuition fee have been confirmed by Academia Riaci. UPON ARRIVAL IN ITALY Upon arrival in Italy, students must make an appointment at the Student Information Office to arrange a personal meeting with the Academy's staff. SICKNESS AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE In case an international student does not have any private international medical insurance, it is mandatory by Italian law to obtain a "Sickness and Accident Insurance".

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