Language Immersion Courses in London, The United Kingdom

Accent Softening Ltd

London, The United Kingdom
Accent Softening is a company specializing in the provision of elocution courses, accent softening courses, and rhetoric and public speech courses for both individuals and companies. All courses are provided either through one-on-one sessions, group lessons, or through an online method. The list of testimonials on the company’s site is provided as evidence of the efficiency of the courses offered.

AEP Academy English Programmes

London, The United Kingdom
AEP Academy is part of InTuition Languages – an organization, focused on providing intensive homestay English language courses. Established in 1990, it is dedicated to meeting each student’s needs and requirements. The English language courses offer one-to-one or two-to-one private English tuition; residential homes, situated in pleasant residential areas; a selection of options, including general English, specialized English, business English or intensive exam preparation; and the opportunity to start your course every Monday during the whole year. The courses ensure total immersion... See full description.

British Study Centres, School of English, London

London, The United Kingdom
British Study Centres is a group of English language schools, operating English language centers in London, Oxford, Brighton & Bournemouth and junior vacation centers in England, Scotland and the United States. Courses offered in these locations include general English, business English and exam preparation courses, as well as English programs for young learners and TEFL teacher training courses. The school in London boasts a central location, situated close to Oxford Street and Baker Street. It is also especially proud with the mix of nationalities they have attracted – students are... See full description.

Bromley Language Centre

London, The United Kingdom
Bromley Language Centre is specialized in the provision of English language training and foreign language tuition at affordable rates. They are based in the surroundings in London, focusing on the creation of a friendly environment and an individualized approach. All teachers at the school are highly qualified; the greater number of them are university graduates with specialist qualifications in English. Courses start every Monday (except for bank holidays) and include standard, intensive, semi-private options, as well as business and executive opportunities. The center is recognized by... See full description.

Camden College of English

London, The United Kingdom
Camden College of English is a London-based English language school, which was the first in the world to win the British Council's prize for innovation in English teaching. The prize was attained by the Cultural Experience course that the school offers, in which all general English lessons are held in London's museums and galleries. Other available courses include General English, Intensive English, Double General English, Cambridge Exams, IELTS Preparation, Cultural Experience, Age 40 plus English Courses as well as part-time evening tuition and work experience opportunities. The school... See full description.


London, The United Kingdom
Canning is a training organization, established in 1965. It is dedicated to providing various training opportunities to business people, helping them communicate more easily across borders. Courses are broken up into the categories of ‘skills’, ‘culture’, ‘teams’, and ‘English’. Some of the more interesting options include Executive Coaching, Negotiation, Sales, Diversity Training, Leadership, Offshore English, Working with Specific Cultures, Managing and Working in Remote Teams, English for HR, and many others. Each course is adapted to the individual situation, aiming to... See full description.

Central School of English

London, The United Kingdom
Central School of English is a language school, based in central London. Established in 1968, the center has formed a good name in the area of English language courses. They offer a range of courses, flexible enough to suit individual needs. Class sizes are small, and accommodation options are offered, too. Each year the school receives over 1,500 students from 55 different countries, including Italy, France, Japan, Russia, Spain, Germany, Poland, and Korea. Courses include General English, Business English, Academic Year Program, English Examination Courses, and One-to-One lessons. In... See full description.

Delfin English School, London

London, The United Kingdom
Delfin English School is located in the heart of London, three minutes walk from Oxford Circus Tube station. Our courses are structured to provide systematic practice and are open to students from beginner to advanced level, focusing on a communicative approach to learning. The real difference, however, is the atmosphere in the school.

East London School of English.

London, The United Kingdom
East London School of English came into being in 2003 at London. It welcomes adult learners from age 16 and onwards. The school offers Basic English courses, Business English and Academic English. The school caters all levels of learners and offers classes during the day & afternoon with flexible timings. The class duration ranges from 15-30 hours per week depending on the course. Furthermore, the school helps its learners to prepare for IELTS and other Cambridge Examinations like FCE, CAE and CPE. The student body is made up of 70 different nationalities providing an excellent mix... See full description.

Hampstead School of English

London, The United Kingdom
Hampstead School of English is a language school, based in London. Founded in 1977, it has developed into one of London’s most reputable language schools. Over the years, Hampstead have added new courses, accommodation and facilities, while striving to keep their focus on personal attention and the creation of warm, welcoming atmosphere for the students. Teachers at the school are high-qualified professionals, using up to date materials and teaching equipment. Courses offered include General English, Business English, Cambridge Exams, University Preparation, and other exams like TOEFL... See full description.

Internexus London

London, The United Kingdom
Internexus is a language center, hosted by Regent’s College London, and based in Regent’s park. Various English language courses are provided in small classes (maximum of 14 students per group), applying methodology that makes sure learning is varied and entertaining. Options available include General English, Pre-College Courses (IELTS, Bridge Course), Cambridge Exam Courses, Business English Courses, One-to-one courses and Internship opportunities. Work placements can be arranged in almost every sector, including administration, finance, marketing, engineering, etc. Accommodation is... See full description.

InTuition Languages

London, The United Kingdom
InTuition Languages is an organization, specializing in intensive one-to-one English language courses, held at various locations around the world. Students stay with their tutors, and this ensures a full immersive experience for them. Intensive General English, Business English, and a couple of other language courses are held in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Malta, Australia, the USA or Canada. The school has also made available French in France and Spanish in Spain. InTuition Languages is accredited by the British Council and affiliated to International House.

LITE Regal International School

LITE has been founded in 1993 and has since had over 30 000 students studying and graduating. LITE specialises in teaching English as a foreign language and offer wide range of English courses for adults including English for Everyday, Business English, IELTS, Cambridge English, English for University. Apart from English courses LITE also provides courses for international students in A Levels, University Foundation and Oxbridge Preparation Programmes. LITE Regal International School is based in London - Mayfair as well as in centre of the University town Cambridge.

Mayfair School of English

London, The United Kingdom
Mayfair School of English is language school, dedicated to delivering high quality study programs. It has been operating for 25 years (since 1986), since when it has received over 30,000 students from various countries. The school is located in Central London, and it provides a range of programs for adults: Full-time, intensive and semi-intensive General English courses; Academic Year English language programs; Cambridge exam preparation programs (PET, FCE, CAE, ILEC);IELTS preparation programs (General Training and Academic Module); Business English programs (English for work purposes);... See full description.

Middlesex University Trent Park

London, The United Kingdom
Middlesex University is a university, based in north London, England. It was established in 1973 as Midlessex Polytechnic. Its proximity to the historic county Middlesex gave it its current name. In 2005, the university started rationalizing its schools with the purpose of specializing in its strongest areas of business, computing, and the arts. Currently, the institution is divided into five schools: School of Arts and Education; Business School; School of Engineering & Information Sciences; School of Health and Social Sciences; and an Institute for Work Based Learning. All these are... See full description.

Milner School of English, Wimbledon

London, The United Kingdom
Milner School of English is a family-run English language school, taking pride in its 30 years of experience. It is located in central Wimbledon, which is a safe area, 20 minutes away from central London (by train). The school is accredited by the British Council, offering courses in Intensive General English (Elementary to Advanced), IELTS and Cambridge preparation, English +Tennis Program, as well as Private Tuition. Classes at the school are truly international with students coming from countries like South Korea, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Japan, Spain, Brazil, etc.... See full description.

Princes College School of English

London, The United Kingdom
Princes College School of English offers English language tuition to students from over 35 countries. The school is accredited by the Council and a member of English UK. Courses offered include general English, business English, exam preparation, and a IELTS course. These take place from 09.00 to 12.00, from 12.30 to 15.30 and from 15.30 to 18.30. This means that if a student wishes to study more intensively, they can attend two courses at the same time. General English courses cover eight levels of proficiency and students are placed in the right class through a placement test they take... See full description.

SKOLA English Language Courses

London, The United Kingdom
SKOLA English Language Courses is an educational organization in the UK, which roots go back to 1979. Its current activities include general education, special educational needs, English for children from 3 years old, English language for adults, teacher training, education consultancy and an international trust for special education. The English language opportunities offered start with courses for children at the age of three and take place in London, Exeter and Bawdsey. SKOLA see themselves as a friendly organization, open-minded to new ideas and internationalization. They are highly... See full description.

Stanton School of English

London, The United Kingdom
Stanton School of English is a large English language school, established in 1973 in London. It is located in the center of the city in Queensway, near Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. The school follows a strategy for continuous reinvestment with the purpose of constant development for its students and staff. Stanton school offers two types of English language courses – normal classes and practice classes. Normal classes are led by well-qualified teachers at 13 different levels, ranging from beginners to proficiency level. Maximum class sizes are 14 in the morning and 16 at lunch and... See full description.

StudyGlobal - London

London, The United Kingdom
StudyGlobal is an organization, specializing in the provision of language courses in different locations around the world. The classes in London are offered through the support of StudyGlobal’s partner school in London Beckenham. It offers excellent, spacious facilities and a range of courses. These include standard English, intensive English options, an academic year course, as well as an International Diploma of English opportunity. Classes consist of maximum of 14 students per group, ensuring a personal approach and weekly tests to check progress. Free internet access as well as... See full description.

Summer School of English

London, The United Kingdom
Summer School of English is a small family-operated language training institution, situated in Wimbledon, London. The school was established by the current owner’s mother in 1975, driven by the passion to educate children and help them succeed through the acquisition of a foreign language. The courses provided are non-residential summer language courses for students between the ages of 5 and 16. Summer School of English is dedicated to ensuring a diverse mix of nationalities on its courses, for which reason they do not take big groups of children from any one nation. In addition to... See full description.

EU Business School
Bachelors, Masters, MBA's in Spain, Switzerland or Germany for English speaking international students.
CSA Study Abroad
Accredited study abroad programs all over the world for students of all levels.

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