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Via Montenapoleone, 5, Milan, Italy
Accademia del Lusso is an Italian School of Fashion and Design, established in 2005. It strives to offer advanced training in an innovative and creative manner, being founded with the specific purpose of offering professional training for the key professions in the sector – design, marketing, management, fashion and communications, etc. It has also set an objective to constantly keep in contact with the business world, which guarantees its programs are up to date, perfectly meeting... See full description.

Borgo SS. Apostoli, 19, Florence, Italy
The European School of Economics (ESE) is a private business school, operating campuses throughout Europe and the USA – in London, New York, Milan, Rome, Florence, and Madrid. The institution has made available bachelor, master, MBA and certificate programs and its degrees are accredited by the University of Buckingham. The Florence campus is based right in the center of the city, very close to famous places of interest. Florence is not only known for its arts and cultural heritage,... See full description.

via Magliabechi, 1, Florence, Italy
Florence University of the Arts (FUA) is an Institution centered on teaching and promoting creative ideas, located in Florence, Italy. FUA is an academic member of FALAZZI Florence Association for international Education, which is a group of institutions granting international Education based in Italy. Classrooms are highly refurbished, with incredible design and the latest and most updated facilities and study aids. The University consists of over 8 different schools, all offering separate... See full description.

Via della Lungara 233, Rome, Italy

Via Filippo da Liscate, 1, Milan, Italy
The motto of the Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione (Libera University of Language and Communication), or IULM University for short, is a simple one: “Know, know how to be, know how to do.” It is on these three cornerstones that IULM University has based its teaching mission, taking inspiration from the principles of the United Nation’s UNESCO body. Taking strength from its vocation of integrating cultural knowledge and professional competences, IULM University has,... See full description.

Via Alessandro De Stefani n° 60, Rome, Italy

Via Pietro Roselli, 4, Rome, Italy

via Belenzani, 12, Trento, Italy

International Office, via S. Bernardino 72/e, Bergamo, Italy

Via Savonarola, 9, Ferrara, Italy

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