Information for Students Coming to Spain

The Town of Nerja and its Cave
Nerja is located by the sea, at a distance of around 50 kilometers from Malaga. It lies on the N340 coastal highway region. Nerja demarcates the easternmost point of Costa del Sol, Málaga. The town holds 12000 inhabitants in recent times where as  [...]
The Remarkable Walled City of Cuenca
Cuenca is the capital of the province Cuenca. It is located in the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha in Central Spain. The city of Cuenca comprises just about a quarter of the population of the province at approximately 53,000 in 2007. It [...]
The Majestic City of Aranjuez in its Entire Splendor
Aranjuez is a city located in the southern region of the Autonomous Community of Madrid in central Spain.  It is found 48 km. south of the city of Madrid between the rivers of Tagus and Jarama. The city of Aranjuez is composed of 8 districts – Cen [...]
The City of Oropesa and Its Castles
Oropesa is located on the western section of the area and is one of the most well known Toledo cities. The region of the city that boasts of historical culture and heritage is drawn as a rectangular setting and it comprises of many gorgeous social [...]
Seville, Spain
Seville, the capital of the Andalusia autonomous community, lies in the Guadalquivir valley. Because of its mild climate (mainly Mediterranean with Oceanic influences), Seville’s Winters are cool, Springs and Falls enjoy quite pleasant temperature [...]
Segovia, Spain
Segovia is a Spanish city and the capital of Segovia province, which is in Castile-Leon. It takes an hour to reach Segovia from the Madrid’s north, and is at 40057 N, and 4010 W. There are 55,586 numbers of people living in Segovia’s municipality. [...]
Santiago de Compostela, Spain
The name of this Galician city Compostela comes from the Latin words ‘campus stellae’ which means ‘field of the star’. Consisting of the strong grey granite and mica, the area has what could be considered an un-Spain-like climate producing continu [...]
Places to Visit in the City of Sigüenza
Sigüenza or in Latin Segontia which means “dominating over the valley” is a city located in the province of Guadalajara in Spain. It is approximately 130 km. from Madrid and strategically positioned to control the Henares Heights and the valleys o [...]
Pamplona, Spain
Founded by Pompey of Rome on the Arga River, Pamplona, which means ‘city’, has been an important city in the history of Navarra, Spain. It has been conquered by Arabs, Vascones, and Moors. Pamplona sits on a beautiful fertile plain with the nickna [...]
Merida, Spain
In 25 BC, Publio Carisio, working under orders from Caesar Octavio Augusto, created the city of Mérida, then known as Emérita Augusta, as a retirement colony for veterans of the successful Cántabras wars (Spanish Campaign). The location for this w [...]
The Island of Mallorca, Spain
Being an island with medieval monasteries on its north coast, antique towns and villages on its central plain, a beautiful countryside and mild climate, it is no wonder Mallorca has become the settling ground for many famous artists. To the east s [...]

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