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Just around the time that Bangalore was being christened as the “Knowledge City” and the “Intellectual Capital” of India, the Indian Business Academy (IBA) was created.. Today, IBA is one of the foremost B- Schools in India, thanks largely to the city’s enterprising nature, coupled with the aspirations of the young people of the community.

About the Indian Business Academy

The Indian Business Academy understands that with so many business schools to choose from students must assure themselves that the school they elect to attend meets the needs of the business community by combining academic rigor with relevance and accessibility. IBA aims to advance the knowledge and practice of management by providing a challenging ‘real world’ learning environment, one structured around an analysis of organizational practices and complemented by leading-edge research. The course is designed to develop more innovative, enterprising and effective managers with the requisite knowledge, skills and managerial competencies to face the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century.

IBA believes that business is a force for good, and thus supports achievers who believe in climbing the ladder.  The school is consistently grooming business leaders who can influence management trends and practices through their leadership. Their students are part of a learning culture where individual vision, intellectual discipline, and a sense of teamwork are valued. IBA offers its unique management education programs from its Bangalore and Greater Noida campuses to cater to the needs of students from across India, and is an excellent place for students to lay the foundation for a successful career in management.

The campus at the Indian Business Academy is spread across 12 acres of lush green landscape in the suburbs of Bangalore, the garden city of India, home to numerous leading business corporations.

Fresh air, green surroundings and the still environment make the IBA campus an ideal location for learning. Some of the most important lessons of life are learned outside the classrooms, and many of the socio-cultural activities at IBA form an integral part of the campus’ culture, bringing students, faculty and practitioners together.

At IBA these experiences are not left to chance, instead the faculty and administration believe n the significance and profundity of such interaction in a comprehensive business education. Hence, they have carefully planned such cultural contexts to facilitate better learning in an entertaining way.

Students at the Indian Business Academy are actively encouraged to make use of the recreational facilities IBA provides. IBA is investing significantly in providing state of the art sport facilities, both indoor and outdoor. Play and playfulness are important and the school believes deeply that such activities add to the overall health of the education the school offers.

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