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The Université de La Rochelle, or University of La Rochelle, is an educational institution offering a multi-disciplinary curriculum which is structured around the three-cycle degree structure (Bachelor-Master-Doctorate or BMB / or in France, the License-Master-Doctorate or LMD).  Courses are offered to students in four main areas of study:  Science, Technology and Medicine; Arts, French, and other Languages; Social Sciences and Humanities; and Law, Economics and Management.

The University of La Rochelle’s programs are designed in such a way to allow students to follow their own study paths in undergraduate study, continuing education or Professional Experience Accreditation.

Subjects are available at the Licence degree level, including professional Licences, and at the Master Degree level.

The University of La Rochelle’s Three-Cycle Degree Structure

In France, the three-cycle degree structure is often referred to as the LMD system (Licence-Master-Doctorate). The LMD consists of a study framework that is based on 3 cycles of qualification leading to a Bachelor’s degree (Licence in France), a Master’s degree and a Doctoral degree.

The University of La Rochelle adopted the three-cycle degree structure at the beginning of 2004-2005 academic school year, marking the school’s entrance into the European Higher Education Area.

The Aims of the Three-Cycle Reform

The reforms that led to the creation of the three-cycle degree structure have a number of aims.  Some of these include:

  • A clearer presentation of the degree courses by field of study, organized as study paths, leading to degrees that are recognized throughout Europe
  • Increased national and international mobility
  • Greater flexibility for each student in terms of both the content and the time taken to complete the degree courses
  • Improved access to further education at any age.

Main aspects of the Three-Cycle Degree Structure

  • All courses are organized by semesters.
  • Courses are designed along study paths, with a logical progression.
  • The various study paths are made up of a combination of ‘Unités d’Enseignement’ (UE) which are either compulsory, optional or additional; each UE contains ‘Éléments Constitutifs’ or EC.
  • The successful completion of a UE is rewarded with credits known as ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) which can be transferred throughout the EU and are accumulated; the ECTS reflect the overall workload of the student (courses, experiments, class work, personal work, etc.) where 1 semester = 30 credits.
  • A supplement to the degree certificate gives details of the skills and knowledge acquired.
  • Teams of tutors assist students in mapping out their personal and professional goals, ensuring they are consistent with the courses chosen.

Information for International Students

From its founding, the University of La Rochelle has had an international focus, and the ever-increasing number of international students coming to the university to study in recent years, either as part of an exchange program or in a private capacity, is a good indication that this policy has been a huge success.

The University of La Rochelle is a young and dynamic institution, one that is an integral part of the local economic and cultural environment of the region and one that contributes to its development.  International students who opt to pursue courses or a degree at the university tend to adapt rapidly to their new life in the beautiful seaside city, a welcoming and very friendly place in which to study.

About Student Exchange

Students wishing to study at the University of La Rochelle must be enrolled as students at a foreign university that has an exchange agreement with the former.  All exchange students are considered to be studying for a degree at their home university and will not be entitled to the award of a degree by the University of La Rochelle, although they will receive full credit for all courses taken and passed while studying abroad.

Applicants for the University of La Rochelle’s student exchange must be nominated by the International Office of their home university before sending the following application documents:

  • A certificate showing their level of proficiency in French
  • An application form and learning agreement
  • Copy of ID card / passport
  • Copy of European health insurance card (Erasmus+ only)

Students selected to participate in a student exchange at the University of La Rochelle must submit their application forms before:

  • March 28th for the Fall semester (classes begin in September) or
  • October 11th for the Spring semester (classes begin in January)

Selected students for the University of La Rochelle’s student exchange program will receive:

  • Documents necessary to obtain a visa (if required)
  • Assistance in finding accommodations when available (non-European students are priority)
  • A CUFLE application form (see next section), which must be completed and sent back to the university prior to admission
  • Contact details of a University of La Rochelle student who will help with preparations for their arrival and their stay in France (Buddy Program)
  • Useful information pertaining to campus life/facilities/programs/clubs


La Rochelle’s University Center for French as a Foreign Language (CUFLE) organizes a number of courses to help international students improve their French language skills. Exchange students enrolled at the University of La Rochelle are entitled to 6 hours of French classes per week (worth 6 ECTS per semester).

Courses in English

While most of the courses offered by the University of La Rochelle are taught in French, the Faculty of Languages (FLLASH) does offer a few courses in English.

Why Study in La Rochelle

La Rochelle is the “capital” of the Charente-Maritime department and a coastal town with nearly 77,000 inhabitants.  The city has the largest marina on the Atlantic coast and is one of the biggest French ports in terms of the economy and tourism.

Strolling through the streets and neighborhoods of La Rochelle is like taking a walk through 1,000 years of history related to the sea. The town has an authentic and living heritage and offers an abundance of great sightseeing opportunities, including the Old La Rochelle Port and its famous towers, arcades, an aquarium, and numerous classified monuments to name but a few. La Rochelle, together with the nearby islands of Ré, Oléron and Aix, is situated in the sunniest region on the Atlantic coast (almost as sunny as the Côte d’Azur). LA Rochelle boasts an exceptionally high quality of living and is a great place to enjoy the good life. The arts and culture are on full display in the city and international events are part of everyday life. These events include the music festival the “Francofolies,” the International Film Festival, the festival of TV fiction, the Documentary Film Festival, and the International Nautical Fair, called “the Grand Pavois.” La Rochelle is also home to more than 730 cultural and sports associations, not to mention its famous rugby club, the “Stade Rochelais.

Finally, students will find it very easy to explore all the sites and attractions in La Rochelle, as the city is on the forefront when it comes to clean public transportation. Among the many convenient and earth-friendly modes of transportation the city offers are the self-service municipal bikes, the sea bus, electric cars and shuttles. La Rochelle lays claim to be a model of urban ecology, where the preservation of the environment is a major preoccupation.

All Programs Available:
  • Business
    • International Business
    • Management
  • Computing
    • Information Technology
  • Economics
    • Economics
  • Humanities
    • Humanities
    • Art History
  • Law
    • Law
  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • Language Courses
    • Language Courses and Cultural Immersion Programs
    • Modern Languages
  • Sciences
    • Political Science
    • Physics
    • Mathematics
    • Chemistry
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