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Art History Schools and Programs in France

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Art History Studies in France

The Louvre in Paris, SourceThere are very many options when it comes to selecting a location for studying art history abroad, but among all, France is most likely the best. Located in the centre of Europe, the museums in the country are home to a number of the most famous works of art by the old masters. The most famous museum is the Louvre located in Paris and it is the most visited art museum worldwide.  Studying art history in France also offers you an academic experience of a lifetime. You also get the chance to indulge yourself in the country’s language and culture that you have read about in art history course books. This is also the best place for you to learn oil painting and various time-honoured forms of art.

If considering pursuing this course in France read below to know more about the course in the country, universities offering the course, and the employment opportunities for you.

Art History in France

Before discussing the course in France, it is important to understand what the course is and what it entails. Art history analyzes a number of themes that are linked to visual culture and the built setting both as contemporary phenomena and historical questions. In addition to the traditional subject areas such as architecture, fine arts and design, art history students also study changes in art theory and questions linked to the preservation of the built environment. They also study imagery in the media and advertising and evaluate the structures of art organizations. The forms of art are being developed constantly and as a result, their borders are not static. This brings about new challenges every now and then especially to the research of art history. To research art history, art historical methods are now being used in this evolving research such as psychological, sociological, historical, and for instance narratological and semiotic perspectives.

For all students, be it at the undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level, studying art history in France is an amazing way to survey in person, a number of the major sculptures, paintings, and styles that you will be taught in class. You will get to see the works by Cezanne and Toulouse Lautrec in their original habitat and also the ‘Le penseur’ by August Rodin. Most of the major museums in the country are located in Paris, but other large towns also have a Museum of Fine Arts and some of the best collections can be found in Grenoble, Lyon, Rennes, Lille, Dijon, and Rouen.

The art history curriculum is mainly made up of numerous practical subjects and the acquisition and production of information are linked very closely. Most of the majors and minors in the course offered in most universities across the country draw heavily on the amazing major monuments and museum in some of the main cities such as Paris, and also in Europe.

Besides museum visits and classroom sessions, students also get to go for study trips which are incorporated into the program. These trips allow students to gain an in-depth understanding of the circumstances, societies, and cultures that led to the generation of monuments and major works of art. Some of the areas where students go for study trips include Madrid, Rome, Venice, Florence, London, The Hague, Brussels, Chartres, Amsterdam, Basel, Bayeux, Fontainebleau, Bruges, Antwerp, Arles, and Nîmes. The accessibility to these cities within Europe and the rich collections of art allow the students to develop an intimate and immediate comprehension of great works of art. Most of these works have been created more than a thousand years ago. These trips also enable the students to obtain a wide understanding of the evolution of art history as they get to understand the significant advancements and determinants which include literary, philosophical, political, and religious factors. Students are also taught to look carefully, to analyze and study works critically, and to develop a memory that is sharp visually.

Through the classroom sessions, visits to the museums and monuments, and the study trips, students are able to gain a solid understanding of content and subject and at the same time develop an appreciation for the development of style. They also learn research skills which are honed methodically and continually thus enabling students to get to the best level of both oral and written expression.

There are other short programs offered for students pursuing art history which take like two weeks to complete. Such programs immerse the learners in the splendour of Provence via an on-site study. The learners get to explore the Romanesque architecture, Roman Ruins, and even the works of famous artists such as Paul Cézanne, and Vincent van Gogh, among others. People taking part in these programs get to stay in the hub of the medieval city of Avignon. Participants can take time out of the coursework to discover an amazing assortment of street cafés, markets, and cultural activities in Avignon and other neighbouring towns.

There are a number of universities for you to study this course. Some them include the University of Kent, Studio M Academy, the American University of Paris, and E'cole de Louvre just to mention a few.

Employment opportunities for art history graduates in France

The subjects in art history offer students the knowledge and expertise they need to work in numerous fields related to art. Art graduate graduates can work in higher learning institutions, art galleries, museums, the media and the preservation of buildings, and artist organizations. They can work as art consultants, art investors, antique dealers, art advisors, art librarians, curators, art gallery managers, artist representatives, art appraisers, freelance collection managers, and even as lecturers.

Studying art history in France is definitely a good way to add some travel and adventure in your academic journey. If this is your area of interest and considering France as the best location to study, go online to find the best program for you and a time you find appealing and also choose the city that you prefer be it Paris, Aix-en-Provence, or Bordeaux among others.