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About Language immersion courses in China

Are you one of the millions of people who desire to learn a second language, either for personal or business reasons?  Have you considered traveling to majestic China to learn their language via a full immersion experience?  If not, perhaps this article will change your mind.  China is a magnificent country, one that is rich in culture and tradition.  It is also a country that is steadily on the rise with respect to its place in the world’s economy, so it goes without saying that learning to speak Chinese can potentially open the door to a wealth of personal and professional opportunities.  

According to most linguistic experts, the fastest and most effective method for acquiring a new language, particularly the Chinese language, is full immersion—a method in which every part of the experience, from the teacher-led instruction to the small group discussions to the after school activities, revolves around Chinese language and culture.  

About the Language Schools in China

There are scores of Chinese language schools located throughout the sizeable country of China, but the bulk of these schools are concentrated in some of the larger and more heavily populated cities, including Shanghai and the capital city of Beijing.  Students at these full immersion language schools have the unique opportunity to study under university-qualified language instructors—native Chinese speakers—who employ a variety of teaching strategies to help expedite the process of new language acquisition.  Perhaps the best feature of these full-immersion programs is the opportunities for students to immediately and consistently practice the skills they learn, as they live, eat and recreate among the Chinese people.

Rationale for Studying Chinese in China

Students who opt to study Chinese via a full immersion program in China are not only taking a bold and positive step towards personal enrichment, but a giant leap towards potential professional opportunity.  China now has the fastest growing economy in the world.  In fact, according to a recent study performed by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, China’s economy, at its current rate of growth, will surpass that of the United States by at least 2035, maybe sooner.  This means that by learning to speak the language you will essentially be augmenting the number of fiscal opportunities available to you in the future, while also broadening your personal horizons.

One of the cities with a large concentration of Chinese language schools is Shanghai—a very fast-paced city with an abounding history and a very diverse culture.  Students electing to study in Shanghai will be mesmerized by the city’s varied displays of architecture, a distinctive blend that combines old colonial with the ultra-modern, creating a skyline you have to see to fully appreciate.

Fans of old-world China can get up close and personal with over 5,000 years of Shanghai’s abundant history and cultural treasure at the Shanghai museum.  This massive and beautiful structure features over 150,000 exhibits, some of which date back to the earliest times in China’s long history.

The simple truth is that studying in China is an experience like no other, and with the wide array of sights and attractions to see it’s no wonder that the programs in China are becoming so wildly popular among students and adults alike, and growing leaps and bounds with every passing year.

List of Language immersion courses in China

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