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Learn Chinese and Enjoy Seafood in Dalian, China. The 6 year anniversary of Dalian Smile Chinese International Language Training Institute is around the corner, and for the occasion we are proud to launch a special Chinese study tour program. The theme is “Learning Chinese, Visiting Dalian, and Eating Seafood”. This exciting new program is a unique, all-immersive opportunity for students to raise their Chinese language levels, while experiencing life in the beautiful seaside city of Dalian, enjoying the seafood it’s famous for. As a famous Chinese saying goes: Compared with reading books, travelling is a better way to study. So the study tour is the perfect combination of visiting and studying---the aim of Smile Chinese’s study tour is to make you learn well, play well and eat well! 1. Visit----As the “North pearl” of China, Dalian not only has a beautiful natural landscape, the historical sights are also very famous. Both of them will let students experience the charm of a modern Chinese city. 2. Study----Students will have 24 hour immersion in a Chinese learning environment with experienced teachers who will help them speak more fluently and more accurately. Using Chinese during the visit, they will have ample opportunity to use their Chinese and correct any problems. 3. Eat----As a seaside city, the most representative food of Dalian is seafood. Dalian seafood is famous for its fresh flavor and huge variety. Dalian food contains characteristics of the food in both north and south China---so if you come here, you get to taste all kinds of Chinese food! Smile Chinese will help you arrange your journey and other items of your study tour in Dalian. We will make it a worthy trip with our five-star service and high quality Chinese teaching. We believe that you will have a memorable study tour with the help of Smile Chinese!

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