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Chacabuco 90 - 1° Piso, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Student Orientation Office (DOE), 950 Uriburu St ., Buenos Aires, Argentina

Office of International Relations, Av. General Paz 154 – 1º Piso, Cordoba, Córdoba, Argentina
The National University of Cordoba is the oldest university in Argentina, being founded in 1613. Moreover, it stands as one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the Americas, and is located in Cordoba, the capital of Cordoba Province. The school offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a wide array of fields, including Architecture, Agriculture, Economics, Physical and Natural Sciences, Medicine, Law, Languages, and Psychology. There is also an interdisciplinary... See full description.

Avda. 7 N° 776, La Plata , Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ejército de los Andes 950, San Luis, Argentina

Av. Colón 80 ° dpto, Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Miñones 2159, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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