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Aviation Studies in The United States

Students from the CUNY Aviation Institute at York College working on a internship in Greece.

If airplanes have always been your passion, then aviation is the best course to pursue and the best place to do that is in the United States. This is simply because the air transportation industry in the country is constantly growing thus providing a perfect learning environment and skilled expertise in the field. If you choose to pursue aviation in the US, you do not have to limit yourself to one career. You can select anything from building new air shuttles with a concentration in engineering and design to becoming a pilot for a military or commercial aircraft.

Studying aviation in the US

The Aviation industry in the country offers different education programs to students both local and foreign. A student can choose different courses in aviation from diploma programs, bachelor degrees, or master degrees. For experienced students, the field also offers them numerous areas for doctorate research.

There are a few areas of study within aviation in the US. One of these is aviation/aeronautical science. This area of study offers students an opportunity to attain a practical pilot training and a license. Other courses include aviation business administration, aviation technician, aeronautical engineering, and air traffic management among others.

Degrees in aviation are usually offered by specialized institutions in the country. However, in some cases, the programs can also be offered at vocationally oriented schools or polytechnics.

Students can pursue their degrees in aviation in more than 100 universities and colleges in the US. Some of the universities a student can choose from include Ohio University, Tennessee State University, CUNY Aviation Institute at York College, and Arizona State University just to mention a few.

Careers in aviation in the US

For a student pursuing aviation, it is important to note that the different jobs in aviation have different education requirements and qualifications. The hours and working environments are also different from one occupation to the other.

Some of the career options in the country depending on one’s specialty include sales representative, gate agents and ticket, mechanical technicians, pilot, flight attendants, air traffic control, computer programming, and designing or repairing of planes.

It is common knowledge that flights are normally constant and programmed at many different hours. This, therefore, means that employees in the aviation industry work irregular hours. If you study to become a flight attendant or pilot, you may have to spend the night in a layover country. This means being away from your family and you will most of the time work aboard the aircraft. Other careers, for instance, reservation and ticket agents might have regular schedules in terms of working hours. The working conditions might be a bit harsh depending on one’s occupation and students’ therefore have to be prepared to deal with any hurdles they may face while working.

Despite the different barriers, working in the aviation industry is quite rewarding and anyone passionate about the field should not hesitate to pursue his or her education in the field, and more so in the United States.

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