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The University of Udine (Italian Università degli Studi di Udine) is a university in the city of Udine, Italy.  The University was founded in 1978 as part of the reconstruction plan of Friuli after the earthquake in 1976.  Its aim was to provide the Friulian community with an independent center for advanced training in cultural and scientific studies, and it's an important center for the studies of the Friulian language. The University currently has 10 faculties, including Agriculture, Economics, Engineering, Law, Foreign Languages, Education, Humanities, Medicine and Surgery, Veterinary Science and the Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences.

About the University of Udine

The University of Udine has a feature that is absolutely unique: it is the only Italian university established by the popular will of the people.  The people produced more than 125,000 signatures on the proposed law of popular initiative for the establishment of the University of Friuli—a massive number of signatures that testify to the will of the Friulian people to build a center of higher learning for their children and their children to come.

The vision and the ability to overcome the opposition of the political class at the time led to the approval of the first law on the reconstruction of Friuli, which ultimately marked the birth of the University of Udine in 1978, with an aim of contributing to the progress of the civil, social and economic rebirth of the city. The university immediately became an organic instrument of development and renewal, one that stressed the culture, language, traditions and history of the Friuli people.

Today, the University of Udine is strongly committed both to the education of students and to readying them to face the challenges of a world and a global economy that increasingly requires trained professionals, both at home and abroad.  The internationalization of the school represents the fourth mission of the University of Udine, alongside research, teaching and the transfer of technology.  These missions are accomplished through the constant increase and improvement of collaboration and partnership with universities in Europe and other international institutions.

Currently, the University of Udine has ten faculties, with 39 first cycle degree courses and 35 second cycle degree courses, and is very active in the field of postgraduate training through its advanced course offerings, masters program, graduate specialization schools and research doctorates. The Graduate School (Scuola Superiore) of the University of Udine has been in operation since 2004, offering second level degree courses through a highly qualified and interdisciplinary course of study. 

International Student Information

The University of Udine is actively involved in student and staff exchange projects with universities within the EU and is currently engaged in close collaboration with several universities from Eastern Europe and other non-EU countries. Moreover the University participates in many research projects at the national and international level. The present number of students enrolled at the University of Udine is approximately 17,000—a number which is expected to grow in the coming years with the influx of local and international students.

International student mobility is an essential part of the Lifelong Learning Program (LLP) at the University of Udine, which promotes and supports initiatives of cooperation in the fields of higher education and training at the community level. Students studying abroad are recognized as an integral part of the curriculum, and the University of Udine has set up bilateral collaborations with nearly 200 international universities around the world.

The LLP Program consists of four sub-programs, including “Erasmus”, which affords international students the opportunity to study abroad. This period of study is now fully recognized as part of the student’s academic achievements.

If you are interested in attending the University of Udine as a student in an international mobility program within the LLP, whether the Erasmus Studio, Erasmus Mundus II, Alpe-Adria, Florence Nightingale or other similar program, you are invited to contact the Office of International Student Mobility.

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