Universities in Italy

Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum

Rome, Italy
The Pontifical Athenaeum Regina Apostolorum is an educational institute of the Roman Catholic Church in Rome. Founded in 1993, the school follows the mission to educate Christian leaders, and more specifically - clergy. Programs are offered through the faculties of Theology, Philosophy, Bioethics, and Religious Sciences. The degrees awarded include bachelor’s, master’s, licentiate, doctorate, as well as a Propedeutic Year. A number of world-renowned programs are offered by The Athenaeum. Among these, there is a course on exorcism, which has attracted a lot of attention. It has also... See full description.

Bocconi University

Milan, Italy
Bocconi University is an institution of higher education, based in central Milan, Italy. When it was established in 1902, it was the first Italian university to grant a degree in economics. Bocconi has made available undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education, in addition to a diversity of double degree programs in the fields of economics, management, finance, law, and public administration. The University offers four three-year undergraduate courses in Economics which share a common basis in the first three semesters and then take a different direction in either Finance, Social... See full description.

Centro Studi Casnati

Como, Italy
The Centro Studi Casnati is an educational group consisting of a number of major institutions in the field of secondary and further education. The “A. Galli” Academy of Fine Arts and the Istituto Alberghiero “G. Brera” are the two main institutions, forming this group. The first one is a University School, officially recognized by the Ministry of Education. And the second one is a culinary school, also recognized by the Ministry of Education. The “A. Galli” Academy of Fine Arts offers programs in Restoration, Visual Arts, Fashion, and a Master in Visual Arts. The Istituto... See full description.
Study Programs: Arts and Crafts... See all programs.

Domus Academy Milano

Milan, Italy
Domus Academy was founded in Milan in 1982 as the first postgraduate design school in Italy, and as an open project focusing on the Italian Design and Fashion experience

ESCP Europe, Campus Torino

ESCP Europe is an international business school, which runs campuses in five of the most renown European cities: Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin, and Turin. ESCP Europe was formed in 1819, and is the oldest business school in the world. Programs provided in Torino include the Master in Management, the Master in European Business, full-time Specialized Masters, Executive Specialized Masters, as well as European Executive MBA. The Torino campus is proud to offer a wide range of company projects, internships, applied research studies, entrepreneurial opportunities and contributions of... See full description.


Florence, Italy
The European School of Economics (ESE) is a private business school, operating campuses throughout Europe and the USA – in London, New York, Milan, Rome, Florence, and Madrid. The institution has made available bachelor, master, MBA and certificate programs and its degrees are accredited by the University of Buckingham. The Florence campus is based right in the center of the city, very close to famous places of interest. Florence is not only known for its arts and cultural heritage, but is also a modern center of trade, finance, and banking. In Florence, students can pursue the... See full description.

European University Institute

Florence, Italy
The European University Institute (EUI) is an international postgraduate and post-doctoral teaching and research institute, founded in 1972. It was formed by the European Union member states with the purpose of contributing to the cultural and scientific development in the social sciences. Therefore, although based in Florence, Italy, the EUI is an intergovernmental organization. The institution awards the following degrees: Doctor of Economics; Doctor of History and Civilization; Doctor of Laws; Doctor of Political and Social Sciences as well as a one-year program, leading to the degree... See full description.

Fondazione Campus Studi del Mediterraneo

Monte San Quirico, Italy
Fondazione Campus Studi del Mediterraneo is an educational institution that has been providing university education and advanced specialized training for over a decade now. Based in Italy, the school also offers language courses in English, taught by native English teachers from England, Scotland, Australia and Austria. The school’s recently modernized campus has up-to-date electronic teaching gadgets, free Wi-Fi all around the campus buildings and very comfortable classrooms for optimum learning. The school organizes international & post-graduate educational programs in affiliate... See full description.

FUA, Florence University of the Arts

Florence, Italy
Florence University of the Arts (FUA) is an Institution centered on teaching and promoting creative ideas, located in Florence, Italy. FUA is an academic member of FALAZZI Florence Association for international Education, which is a group of institutions granting international Education based in Italy. Classrooms are highly refurbished, with incredible design and the latest and most updated facilities and study aids. The University consists of over 8 different schools, all offering separate subjects and specialties such as digital imaging, visual arts, contemporary Italian studies, etc.... See full description.

Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM

Milan, Italy
The motto of the Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione (Libera University of Language and Communication), or IULM University for short, is a simple one: “Know, know how to be, know how to do.” It is on these three cornerstones that IULM University has based its teaching mission, taking inspiration from the principles of the United Nation’s UNESCO body. Taking strength from its vocation of integrating cultural knowledge and professional competences, IULM University has, from its very inception over 40 years ago, presented itself as a meeting point between the academic... See full description.

Swiss School of Management, Rome Campus

Rome, Italy
The Swiss School of Management was founded in 1981 and is a well-known business school with locations in Rome and London. Since the school moved its central from Zurich to Rome, it has become part of the European University of Rome with the purpose to bring an international feel to the environment there. In relation with this, most students in the university are from the United States and the European Union. The institution offers undergraduate programs, MBAs, a Leadership Study Abroad Program, and a very well-recognized Criminology degree.

The Florence Institute of Design International

Florence, Italy
The Florence Institute is international design school in Italy. As an international school of Italian design the Institute specializes in courses of Graphic Design, Interior Design, Furniture Design and Architecture for students from across Europe and around the world, providing both masters and undergraduate design courses. All classes are taught in English.

The Politecnico di Milano Technical University

Milan, Italy
Politecnico di Milano is a scientific-technological university, the largest technical university in Italy. The institution trains engineers, architects and industrial designers. The focus of Politecnico di Milano has always been on the quality and innovation of its teaching and research. More specifically, research, which has always been one of the school’s priorities. Politecnico participates in a number of research and training projects, collaborating with some of the most prominent European universities. The university’s reach has constantly been expanded to other countries, too,... See full description.

Università degli Studi di Udine

Udine, Italy
The University of Udine (Italian Università degli Studi di Udine) is a university in the city of Udine, Italy.  The University was founded in 1978 as part of the reconstruction plan of Friuli after the earthquake in 1976.  Its aim was to provide the Friulian community with an independent center for advanced training in cultural and scientific studies, and it's an important center for the studies of the Friulian language. The University currently has 10 faculties, including Agriculture, Economics, Engineering, Law, Foreign Languages, Education, Humanities, Medicine and Surgery,... See full description.

Universities in Italy by City:

BergamoComoFerraraFlorenceGenovaMilanMonte San QuiricoPerugiaRomeTorinoTrentoUdine

About universities in Italy

Italy is a breathtakingly beautiful country with landscapes and stunning architecture that simply must be seen to be fully appreciated.  The country is also a world leader in trade, and a major innovator in fields such as business, medicine and technology, ranked among the 8 most industrialized nations in the world.  To continue in this European and world leadership role, Italy must (and does) maintain an elite system of higher education, one that offers its students advanced programs in every key field, with a sharp focus on both theoretical and applied research.

Higher Education in Italy

The beauty of the higher education system in Italy is the variety of offerings it presents, each representing opportunity for different segments of the population, along with the international students who come to study in Italy from abroad.  These opportunities are divided between three distinct categories:  university education, advanced musical and artistic training, and high level technical studies, each of which receives public funding to ensure the continued excellence of the program and the success of its students.  In addition to this diverse system, Italy also offers additional opportunities that focus primarily on training Italy’s adult population in various vocations.

Like many European countries, Italy’s university education underwent a major transformation and renewal in 1999, one predicated on the Bologna Declaration, a bill that in essence aims to systemize and correlate the structure of education at universities throughout Europe—synching them to help improve the overall educational experience for students.

In line with this universal declaration, higher education in Italy is now based on three main cycles, similar to the U.S. system of Bachelor, Masters and PhD degrees, only with a few key differences, as you will see below.

In the first cycle, called Primo Ciclo, students basically have two options.  In the first of these, called Corso di Laurea, the Italian equivalent of a Bachelor’s program, students receive three years of general and specialized education, with the ultimate goal of moving on to a Master’s Degree program.  No diploma is awarded after completing this track, as it is seen more as a springboard to a more advanced education than a culmination of studies.  The second option, called Corso di Laurea Magistrale a Ciclo Unico, which loosely translates to a “single-cycle degree,” is for students who opt not to pursue a Master’s Degree.  This educational track, which typically spans 5-6 years in total, is more closely akin to the U.S. bachelor degree, in that students are awarded a meaningful diploma after successfully completing this program.

The secondo ciclo (second cycle) is called the Corso di Laurea Magistrale, a Master’s Degree program offered in every major academic field, and open only to those who have first successfully completed the Corso di Laurea.  This program typically lasts two years.

Lastly, in the terzo ciclo, or third cycle, those who possess a Master’s Degree can apply for admission into one of the Dottorato di Ricera (doctorate) programs.  Limited space is available in these PhD-level programs, and as a result, candidates must first pass a rigorous selection examination prior to even being considered for admittance.  It is in these programs that most Italian research is performed—research that over the years has led to a slew of groundbreaking discoveries and innovations, in major fields that include medicine, biology, ICT, physics and technology.

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