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This is a school, specializing in the areas of Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, as well as Culinary arts. It was opened in 1966 in Sant Pol de Mar, while in 2006 it won the Honour Plaque of Tourism for its efforts in promoting tourism in Catalonia. This is the highest institutional prize awarded by the Catalonia government. In fact, the institution is the only centre of tourism and hostelry education in the country that has received the highest recognition and awards from the Spanish (Gold Plaque for Tourism Merit) and the Catalan administration. A lot of hotel, restaurant and tourism groups visit the school each year with the purpose to select future workers, as the high quality of education provided is well-known all over Europe.

All Programs Available:
  • Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism and Travel
    • Tourism
Language of instruction


Type of school

Private University


+34 93 760 02 12


Ctra. N-II km. 664, Sant Pol de Mar, Barcelona, Spain, 08395


Universtiy of Girona, EuroCHRIE, EUHOFA International, AEHT.

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