Information for Students Coming to Spain

Palacio de la Zarzuela, Madrid, Spain
Will you soon be traveling to or vacationing in Madrid, the Spanish capital and one of the most beautiful cities in the world? Have you decided which sites and attractions you’d like to visit and explore during your stay? Madrid, Spain is a holida [...]
Cuisine of Madrid, Madrid, Spain
One of the best things about visiting the very beautiful and cosmopolitan region of Madrid, the capital and largest city in Spain, is the wonderful cuisine you’ll be treated to during your stay. The cuisine offered in Madrid and the surrounding to [...]
Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, Spain
The city of Madrid, Spain offers a wealth of wonderful sights and attractions to visit, but there are also plenty of things to do and see outside of the city limits, in the towns and villages that surround the Spanish capital. One of these towns i [...]
Monumento a Alfonso XII, Madrid
Are you looking forward to an upcoming holiday in the beautiful city of Madrid, the capital and largest city in Spain? Have you already commenced on the task of planning out the itinerary for your trip, making a list of some of the sites and attra [...]
Catedral de la Almudena in Madrid, Spain
Are you traveling to Madrid on an upcoming business trip or holiday? Could you benefit from some ideas with regard to some interesting and special places to visit while you’re in town? Madrid, the capital and largest city in Spain, is jam-packed w [...]
Tribunal Supremo, Supreme Court of Spain
The Tribunal Supremo, or Supreme Court, is the loftiest court in Spain for all matters not pertaining to the Spanish Constitution. The court, which meets in the building known as the Convent of the Salesas Reales, consists of a president and an in [...]
Navalcarnero, Madrid, Spain
If you’re planning a visit to the Madrid region of Spain in the upcoming months you should really consider adding a tour of Navalcarnero to your trip’s itinerary. Located approximately 31 kilometers (19 Miles) from Madrid, Navalcarnero is a munici [...]
El Planetario de Madrid
Do you intend to visit Madrid, Spain in the near future and need some ideas about what to do and see during your stay? Do you have an interest in space and astronomy and a desire to get an up-close look at the planets, stars and other celestial bo [...]
Cerro de los Ángeles, Madrid, Spain
If you are planning to take a trip to the Madrid region of Spain you should really consider visiting the site known as the Cerro de los Ángeles while you’re there. The Cerro de los Ángeles, or in English, the Hill of Angels, is a renowned hill loc [...]
Basilica de San Francisco el Grande, Madrid, Spain
The Basilica of San Francisco el Grande, is a historic Catholic church located in an area known as the Barrio de Palacio, in the historic downtown center of Madrid, the capital and largest city in Spain. The church is situated on the western side  [...]
Soto de Viñuelas, Madrid, Spain
Are you planning a trip to the Madrid region of Spain? Have you set to the task yet of mapping out an itinerary for your trip, highlighting the various places and attractions you’d like to visit during your upcoming stay? Madrid is a fascinating p [...]

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