Information for Students Coming to Spain

El Rey Carlos III, King Charles III , Madrid, Spain
El Rey Carlos III, or King Charles III, was one of the most influential leaders in Spanish history. He was the King of Spain and the Spanish Indies from 1759 to 1788, and is the oldest son of Philip V of Spain and his second wife, the Princess of  [...]
La Zarzuela
La Zarzuela is a lyric-dramatic genre, originated in Spain, that alternates between spoken and sung scenes, with the latter including a mixture of both operatic and popular song, in addition to dance. La Zarzuela first emerged around 1630, and whi [...]
Campo Real, Madrid, Spain
If you plan to travel to the Madrid region of Spain this year, either for business or as part of on an upcoming holiday, you should definitely consider visiting the town of Campo Real, located just 33 kilometers southeast of the Spanish capital. A [...]
Biblioteca Nacional de España, Madrid
If you are traveling to Madrid, Spain, either for business or pleasure, one of the sites you should really try to visit during your stay is the Biblioteca Nacional de España. The Biblioteca Nacional de España, or National Library of Spain, is Madr [...]
Torres Kio, Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain, the country’s capital and largest city, has long been recognized as a place of great historical significance, with many structures and monuments that date back hundreds of years, some as early as the 15th and 16th centuries. However [...]
Villages in the Madrid Area, Spain
The city of Madrid, Spain has more than its share of interesting sites and attractions to visit, but visitors to this area may also want to check out the various villages and towns located just outside Madrid, including those in the nearby provinc [...]
Museums in Madrid, Spain
Madrid, the capital and largest city in Spain, is known the world around for its fascinating museums—forty-four in all—beginning with the four museums that make up its Paseo del Arte, or Avenue of Art. These are the Museo del Prado, Museo Thyssen- [...]
Monuments in Madrid, Spain
The beautiful city of Madrid features an abundance of monuments and principal landmarks, a testament, perhaps, to better days during the Spanish Empire. Below we will take a look at just of few of these monuments of Madrid and provide a brief desc [...]
Stop and Visit Madrid, Spain
Madrid is the capital and largest city in Spain, as well as the capital of the autonomous community of the same name, the Comunidad de Madrid.  The city has a population of nearly 3.4 million, making it the third-largest city within the European U [...]
Erasmus+ Scholarships
We have compiled extensive information about Erasmus programs over recent years for European and foreign students studying abroad. This page contains 8 sections: Erasmus+ Overview Tips From a Former Erasmus Student Erasmus Mundus Scholarships How  [...]
Spain Education System
If you are looking to study in Spain then you need to at least have an idea about Spain’s Education System. The educational law of 1990, the Ley Organica de Ordenacion General del Sistema Educativo (LOGSE) (Law on the General Organization of the E [...]

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