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Since its founding in 1980, the BAI Escuela de Empresa y Comunicación, or BAI School of Business and Communication, has been a leader in the field of business and communication education, serving professionals in the region as well as those students planning to embark on a career in a specific business field.  The dynamic and personalized educational services offered by BAI enable the institution to meet its primary objective:  empowering students to achieve success in their chosen field of study and ultimately their career.
The BAI School of Business and Communication’s commitment to providing quality education and training that is both practical and relevant has allowed it to reach new heights as an educational institution.  The school is operated and staffed by trained professionals with proven expertise in a variety of business and communication fields—individuals who manage their classrooms as if they were places of employment in order to adequately ready students for the world of work that awaits them following graduation.

In a globalized world, where the value and competitiveness of human capital and the use of new technologies are essential, the need for qualified individuals has never been greater.  To meet this challenge, the BAI Escuela de Empresa y Comunicación consistently promotes innovation and change in every course it offers, employing a pedagogical approach and style that is committed to excellence and in line with the current needs of the global market.  The Integrated Quality Management System used by the institution ensures and certifies that the quality of teaching at the BAI School of Business and Communication is always current and top-notch.

Instead of large, theater-like classrooms, where the connection between the faculty and students is minimal at best, the BAI system of education and training favors small class sizes and a personalized approach, with plenty of opportunities for teacher-student interaction.  To quote the school’s website, the thing that sets the BAI Escuela de Empresa y Comunicación apart from some of the larger universities in the region is that at BAI, “we talk in class.”

Why Choose the BAI School of Business and Communication?

The BAI School of Business and Communication offers many advantages as an institution of higher learning.  Among these are:

  • Experience.  The BAI School of Business and Communication has more than 30 years of experience in educating and training students to assume positions in the world of business, management and communications.
  • Practical.  Every instructor at BAI has real-world business experience, ensuring that every course offered by the institution is both practical and relevant.
  • Recognized.  BAI has won a number awards and is recognized as one of the premier institutions in Spain for business and communications education.
  • Personalized.  The small class sizes and personalized approach of the BAI School of Business and Communication gives students an abundance of opportunities to connect with the instructor and network with other students.
  • Dynamic.  Instruction at the BAI School of Business and Communication is very dynamic, thanks largely to a proactive and participatory methodology.
  • Great Location. The BAI School of Business and Communication is located in the very heart of downtown Madrid—the capital and heartbeat of Spain.

In addition to offering courses for students, the BAI School of Business and Communication also provides management and training for over 400 companies in the region.  The school provides a wide range of courses to suit the specific needs of businesses in the area, including classes in Computing, Languages​​, Business Management, Secretarial, Human Resources, Management, Sales and Customer Service, and Environmental Studies, all taught by professionals with expertise in each given area .

All of the company-based courses at the BAI are fully customized depending on the needs of the business, and delivered on a date and at a time that is most convenient for the company, including nights and weekends.

Whether you are student seeking to gain real-world training in a business or management field, or a business owner looking to train your employees in a given business or technological sub-set, you can be sure that the BAI School of Business and Communication has the right course or program for you.

All Programs Available:
  • Business
    • Business Administration
    • Advertising
    • Public Relations
    • Marketing
  • Communications
    • Communications
  • Sciences
    • Aviation
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Community or Career College, Vocational School


+34 91 345 61 19


C/ Juan Hurtado de Mendoza, 4-1ª pta.(Semiesquina Pº de la Castellana, 176), Madrid, Spain, 28036


C/ Juan Hurtado de Mendoza 4, 28036 Madrid · T: 91 345 61 19 · F: 91 350 37 39 · informacion@bai-sa.es

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