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Ars Animation was founded in 1999 and is located in the city of Alcalá de Henares in Madrid. It is considered to be the best animation school in Spain and among the 25 best in the whole of Europe. Ars Animation is also a 2D school and it makes animation in an organized and classical way, and then applies it to other tools such as 3D, Motion Graphics, and Stop Motion among others. The school encourages its students to experiment with different tools and to be creative. It also encourages mixing of techniques while defending the traditional animation styles and all the artistic bases thus allowing students to apply them to whatever they want.

Ars has always made it its priority to know what is happening in the production of commercial animation. The institution, however, pays special attention to the production that circulates through the specialized festivals. Doing this enables the school to know what other artists do thus motivating the institution to reinforce its own concept. The school also makes sure that it learns from the best. As a result, Ars Animation focuses all its efforts on inviting animation personalities to share their experiences and knowledge with the students. Doing this guarantees that learning never stops and that students are in contact with the world of animation at all times.

Ars Animation is a member of the European Training Network for Animation Schools (ETNA). This is a project of Cartoon Media, a European institution dedicated to supporting the production of animation by students from the member schools of the group.

All Programs Available:
  • Arts, Design and Crafts
    • Fine Arts
    • Drawing and Illustration
  • Communications
    • Communications
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Independent Private College


+34 91 531 73 88


Calle Castelar nº 17, Madrid, Spain, 28028


Calle Castelar nº 17, 28028-Madrid Tel 00(34) 912.099.281 Fax 00(34) 915.225.363

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