During the early stages of human settlement, when man needed shelter, he gathered twigs and branches to create one. But shelter has taken a far greater form as men moved into building advancement. Man gained a higher level of intelligence in building and decided to use sturdier materials to create larger infrastructures. From mere organic materials, man experimented with stone. But building in the modern era is reserved for engineers and architects. Engineers focus on the structure’s stability as well as electrical and plumbing matrices. Architects focus on the aesthetics and functionality.

The term architect was derived from the Greek word arkhitekton which means chief builder. To become an Architect, you could take a 5-year bachelor’s degree on Architecture intended for those without any previous architectural training, a 2-year Master’s degree on Architecture when you have had architectural training, or a 3 to 4-year Master’s program for those enrolled in degrees in other disciplines. After taking the necessary education, one must earn a professional degree, complete internship or on-job-trainings related to architecture, or pass the Architect Registration Examination (ARE).

Only then, will you be employed as a professional Architect. In the United States, architects earn roughly $2,500 – 4,500 monthly, depending on their level and length of stay in the industry. Architects usually work 40 hours a week but with all the client meetings and deadlines, there seems to be no rest available for them.

Architects must have the knowledge in the field of geometry, trigonometry, physics, and technical drawing and design skills.

Architects spend a huge percentage of their life drawing, conceptualizing, meeting clients, and traveling. Most Architects say that traveling and photography are a requirement once you are a working architect because this keeps your mind open and fresh. Architects must forever search for beauty to fuel their creative minds in order to be able to design wonderful structures.

Architectural designers are concerned about how the people will use the infrastructures they will create. Architects claim that the difference between a civil engineer and an architect is the amount of attention given to user sensitivity. Sensitivity is important to architects because they design for the user. They design for the comfort and ease of the people. In the process of design conceptualization, they will incorporate their knowledge about human behavior and sensitivity.

After this, they will then establish the necessary spatial divisions within the structure. They decide where each room goes. With this kind of power, their task is almost godlike because the placing and arrangement of rooms and spaces will dictate how an individual will move from one area to the other.

So, in this ever evolving world, Architects add that element of art in structural science. They have, indeed, made cities look more interesting with every design their minds come up with.

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