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Architecture Studies in Greece

The Hamilton High School was designed with classic Greek architecture.Are you thinking of studying architecture abroad? If so, you should consider Greece. This is one of the oldest cities in the world and it is home to some of the most venerated constructions in the history of architecture. The ancient Greeks created the Classical Style which led to the establishment of a number of the founding principles for today’s buildings. This has, in turn, guaranteed the Greeks a place in every architectural textbook. There are a number of incredible buildings that you will find breathtaking and some of these include the Temple of Athena, the Erechtheum, and the Parthenon just to mention a few.

Besides the factors mentioned above, Greece is also the birthplace of academia and is widely acknowledged as the academic fountain to which modern Western civilization owes most of its cultural, linguistic, legal, philosophical, ethical, and social beliefs and customs. Studying in Greece, therefore, gives you an opportunity to be taught by the best people in the field and at the same time increase your chances in the global job market. If still interested in pursuing architecture in Greece, then read on to know more about the study and some of the programs and schools you can enrol in.

Architecture as a Study

The term architecture originates from the Greek word arkhitekton which means ‘architect’. Architecture can, therefore, be understood as both the product and the procedure of planning, designing, and building structures and other physical constructions. Works of architecture, in the material nature of buildings, are usually perceived as works of art and as cultural symbols.

Architecture can also mean the science and art of designing buildings, a word used to illustrate buildings and other physical constructions, the knowledge of technology, science, art and humanity, the innovative activity of an architect from the macro level to the micro level, and finally as the exercise of a architect, where the term means giving professional services with regards to design, and construction of structures, or built settings.

History of Architecture as a Study in Greece

Greece is generally known as the cradle of a number or architectural cultures. Besides the Classical and the Byzantine cultures, that gained unparalleled and prevailing dispersion westwards and eastwards respectively, one can also mention a long sequence of architectural traditions that either surfaced or thrived on Greek soil. Some of the former traditions include the Minoan, the Cycladic, the Mycenean, the Archiac, the Hellenistic, and among the current traditions, the Roman and the Early Christian.

Greece was occupied by the Ottoman Empire in the 15th century and during this period architecture faced discontinuity and it did not benefit a lot from Ottoman architecture. It was in the 18th century when architecture in the country began to be studied and its continuity re-established. This was mainly as a result of the emergence of lively vernacular and pluralistic architecture. This was, however, replaced by neo-classicism which was taken up as the suitable architectural style for the newly self-governing Greek nation in the 1830s. The study was begun by architects who wanted to preserve a list of monuments in the country and make similar drawings of the constructions. The study has continued to evolve ever since but most of the basic guidelines have not changed. Ancient architecture is also not viewed as a source for modern models, but it still enjoys some interests from a few practising architects.

Architecture Study in Greece

Greece is the ideal place to study architecture because of a number of reasons. The first reason is the logic and order found in Greek architecture. Ancient Greeks designed their temples following a coded system of parts that were based on function and a reasoned scheme of sculptural decoration. Mathematics determines the harmony, the symmetry, and the eye’s pleasure and Ancient Greek building art provided the first clear, sturdy look of a logical national architectural doctrine. The logic and order that you will learn will enable you to use accurate mathematical calculations so as to ascertain the width, height and other features of architectural components.

The second reason is the classical architectural orders invented by the country. You will be taught on the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian Orders. These orders represent the type of capital, column and entablature used in any construction. Learning these orders will enable you to know how to regulate the details, shape, proportions, and relationships of the pediments, columns, entablature, capitals, and the stylobate.

There are a number of universities you can enrol in for this study. Some of them include the University of Thessaly, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University of Patras, Democritus University of Trance, Technical University of Crete, and the National Technical University of Athens just to mention a few. There are numerous courses in architecture you can pursue at all levels of academia, that is, undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate. You can visit the official website of your preferred university to know more about the programs and find one which is appealing to you.

It is also important to note that training is done mostly in Greek. It is, therefore, important to familiarize yourself with the language if you are an international student.

Studying architecture in Greece trains you to enter the architectural profession as an independent architecture or as an employee. It does so by developing your spatial imagination in relation to an architectural information base. The course prepares you for the job market by establishing and enlarging the thinking basis with regards to making architecture in practice. The course is also a good preparation for any job that requires a person to evaluate architectural dilemmas and come up with proposals for their resolution.

It is always an exciting experience to travel and study in a foreign country. Take this opportunity today and pursue your architectural passion in Greece and get to enjoy the country’s culture at the same time. Get to also network with like-minded people and create long lasting friendships while increasing your opportunities in the global market. 

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