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Architecture Studies in Singapore

Study Architecture in Singapore at the National University of SingaporeIf you have always been fascinated with the planning, designing, and construction of buildings, or any other forms of structures, then architecture is what you should aim to pursue in your studies and one of the best places to do this is in Singapore. This is because the country is quite modern and vibrant and has a remarkable educational system that provides lots of opportunities for foreign students who want to study overseas.

Singapore also has a strong background in ethnic and cultural diversity and this has had a lot of influence on the country’s architecture. Different forms of architecture can be seen in the country, for instance, contemporary Singapore architecture which focuses a lot on sustainability with numerous models of vegetative landscapes being introduced into high-rise buildings. Other forms of architecture in Singapore include ventilation and green architecture which are of great importance for Singapore’s architecture due to the country’s humid weather. This, therefore, makes Singapore the best place to study architecture since you will get to learn the different types involved thus enabling you as a student to implement and use that knowledge elsewhere.

Studying architecture in Singapore

The best universities in the country that offer architectural studies are the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

The first level of study is the bachelor’s degree. The program takes four years to complete and it is made up of a common programme that is supplemented by four tracks for specialization. The tracks for specialization are Urban Planning (UP), Landscape Architecture (LA), Design Technology & Sustainability (DTS), and Design. To complete and graduate in this program a student needs a total of 160 credits. To enroll in the program, a student is required to have excelled in Mathematics, or Chemistry, or Physics in his or her A levels. Students are also expected to sit for the Architecture Admission Test (AAT) and attend an interview before being considered for admission. The AAT is meant to test students on their intuition and creativity in design. A student’s experience in the test is an indicator of what is expected of him or her in the course, for instance, the ability to think critically, creativity and practically on one’s feet, and the communication of one’s ideas clearly in different media.

After the bachelor’s degree, students can enroll for the master’s program in Architecture. This is meant to prepare learners for professional careers in architecture in a global setting that is changing rapidly. The main course of study is Design which is accompanied by other courses focusing on the management, professional, ethical, and technological facets of architecture. To enroll for this program, candidates need to have a Bachelor’s degree in architecture and provide evidence of accreditation by the Board of Architects or a National Accreditation Board of their home country; or Singapore’s Board of Architects, among other requirements. The program takes one year to complete since it is done on a full-time basis. To successfully complete the course and graduate, a student has to complete 40 MCs made up of two electives and three crucial modules.

Go ahead and enroll today in architectural studies, and shape your future as an extraordinary architect around the globe.

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