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Architecture Studies in Belgium

Parliment in BrusselsAre you a current or prospective architecture student thinking about earning a portion of your academic credentials via a study abroad program in a foreign nation?  Have you considered studying architecture in Belgium, a European country with a solid reputation for high academic standards?  Belgium is an excellent locale for students studying abroad, especially for those pursuing a degree in architecture—a discipline offered by almost every one of the country’s major colleges and universities.
Belgium, officially referred to as the Kingdom of Belgium, is a federal state in Western Europe that is often referred to as one of the most internationally-friendly nations on the planet.  A founding member of the European Union, the country is home to the EU’s headquarters, as well as those of NATO and a number of other international bodies.  With an area of roughly 12,000 square miles and a population of approximately 11 million, Belgium is large enough to be politically and economically relevant in the region, yet small enough to offer its citizens and guests a number of services and amenities not found in larger nations.  It is home to two primary language groups:  Dutch and French, represented respectively by the regions of Flanders and Wallonia.  Brussels, the only major city in the country that’s officially bilingual (Dutch and French) is also the capital.

Architecture Education in Belgium

Architecture is an important area of study at many of Belgium’s colleges and universities, and the cornerstone program at the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture in the city of Ghent, the largest architectural school in Belgium.  The uniqueness of this highly respected architectural institution stems from its long and rich tradition, its excellent reputation in architectural and design education, and the quality of its faculty, made up of many of Belgium’s leading architects and designers.
Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, like many of the country’s universities, offers programs in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Urban Design and Spatial Planning, leading to academic bachelor and master degrees in the first two programs, and an academic master in the third.   Central to their programs are aspects of shaping, structuring and signification, along with the creative art of designing.  Students in the program are asked to question both their own limits and the limits of the discipline, as they gain insight into the material and immaterial aspects of physical and social structures.  Teaching and research are organized in a spirit of artistic and intellectual openness, of tolerance and inclusion, providing students with a dynamic learning experience that will challenge them and prepare them to make future contributions to the world of architecture.

Why Study Abroad in Belgium

In addition to the excellent architectural education students will receive while studying in Belgium, there are plenty of other reasons to study here.  Although Belgium has existed for many centuries, the country only achieved independence from the Netherlands in 1830 due to a riot in the streets by Belgians after witnessing a revolt played out in an opera.  Consequently, both the Dutch and French influences that dominate the culture in Belgium make it a truly unique country to visit.
If the outdoors appeals to you, Belgium boasts a remarkable natural landscape, highlighted by a seemingly endless collection of beaches, rivers, valleys and green plains.  The country is very cultured, and is home to an abundance of museums, theaters, art galleries, opera houses and fine restaurants, offering up international fare from around the world.
With its many universities, libraries, cafes and nightspots, Belgium is very student-friendly and one of the leading countries in Europe in terms of the number of international students and faculty.  This will expose you not only to the language, culture and history of Belgium, but to that of many other countries throughout the world from the scores of new people you’ll meet and befriend while participating in the program.

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