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Architecture Studies in Austria

Die Neue Burg, ViennaAre you a prospective architecture student considering the possibility of studying abroad?  Have you considered studying in the beautiful country of Austria? Austria, officially known as the Republic of Austria, is a beautiful landlocked country in Central Europe, encircled on all sides by the Czech Republic and Germany in the north, Hungary and Slovakia in the east, Slovenia and Italy in the south, and Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the west.  Although the country is highly mountainous due to the presence of the world-famous Alps, it boasts a wonderful and rich architectural tradition—a tradition that can still be seen today in the buildings and other structures that provide the backdrop for the country’s various cities and towns.

Architectural Education in Austria

An education in architecture is offered at most of Austria’s major colleges and universities, including Ozyegin University, which offers courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Here, like at most other Austrian institutions, the undergraduate Architecture program is designed to promote learning by discovery; inquiry; multidimensional and flexible thinking; problem solving and analysis of architectural and urban issues, while also preparing students for graduate study options. In addition, Austrian universities are devoted to preparing entrepreneurial architects who are well aware of social and individual expectations.

In their initial year of study, students learn the fundamental principles of design, acquire basic architectural skills, and gain a solid foundation in architecture.  The sophomore year covers courses dealing predominantly with architectural design, ranging from basic topics of architecture, including structure, materials, and the history of architecture, to traditional and contemporary project production techniques.

In the third year, students take courses on architectural design studio, physical environment control, urban planning and design, architectural conservation and measured drawing, as well as electives that they can choose based on their areas of interests.  And in the final year of the program, students will complete their capstone projects and will take required courses on construction economics, project management, occupation law, as well as additional electives in their particular areas of interest.

Why Study Architecture in Austria

Austria is a beautiful country to explore, from the snow-capped peaks of the Alps to the many famous structures that make up the landscape of its largest cities.  Architecture students in particular will appreciate and even be taken aback by the sheer volume of architectural masterpieces on display in the country, many of which are concentrated in Vienna, the capital and largest city. Some of these grand structures include:
  • Anker Building—designed by architect Otto Wagner in 1995.
  • Hans Haus—a more modern structure, constructed by Hans Hollein between 1987 and 1990.
  • The Court of Karl Marx—the work of Karl Ehn in 1930.
  • The Ringtrasse—Emperor Franz Joseph’s grand urban city, constructed in the majestic neo-gothic and new-baroque style.
  • Karlskirche—built between 1715 and 1737 in Vienna by Johann Fischer Erlach.
  • Khuner Villa—the creation of Adolf Loos, located on the Kreuzberg in Payerback, Austria.
  • Schonbrunn Palace and the Hofburg—home to the Imperial family; these structures were designed in the sparse, yet prominent Baroque style of architecture.
  • Moser House—designed by Josef Hoffman and built between the years 1901 and 1903.
  • Sezession House—built in Vienna in 1896 by J.M. Olbrich.
  • St. Florian Library—designed by Jakob Parandtauer and Gotthard Hayberger, and built in the city of Linz between 1744 and 1750.
There are few countries that can compare to Austria as a study abroad destination.  In addition to the many interesting sites and their excellent system of higher education, the country offers programs that allow students to learn a new language, study the history and culture of its people, and make new friends they will cherish for a lifetime.

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