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Architecture Studies in Germany

Berliner Dom, Berlin, GermanyGermany is one of the most advanced nations in the world and an ideal destination for study abroad participants who wish to study architecture.  Officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany, the country is a federal parliamentary republic located in the west-central region of Europe.  It consists of sixteen states, and its capital and largest city is Berlin.  Germany covers a geographic area of nearly 138,000 square miles, which is shared by the country’s 82 million permanent residents.  As a major world power, Germany strives for quality in every facet of its society, including higher education.

Architecture Education in Germany

Germany has historically been a world leader in the science and technical fields, including the field of architecture.  The architectural discipline is offered by most of the country’s major colleges and universities, including the University of Stuttgart, where it is offered by the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning.  There the undergraduate degree program in architecture consists of two pillars:  teaching in the form of seminars, lectures and practical courses, and design and project work.  While there is a fixed schedule of classes for the first part of a student’s studies, the second part offers a wide range of individual options. Different specializations based on subject areas of great practical importance are offered, including sustainable building design; construction technology, structural engineering and design; planning and building in existing structures; project management and cost control; urban planning and design.
The Bachelor of Science degree program spans four years or eight semesters for full-time participants, and the study course includes an international module, in which foreign students studying abroad can pursue internships or international research projects.  All students are required to take an exit examination prior to being awarded their degree, which covers all the topics and information students learned while studying in the program.

Why Study Abroad in Germany

The reasons for choosing Germany as a study abroad locale are endless.  First and foremost, it affords students the unique opportunity to combine their love of learning with a world-class European vacation.  Germany is very centrally located, and while there are certainly an abundance of noteworthy sights and attraction within its borders to explore, the country is also an excellent launching point from which to visit and discover neighboring European countries like France, Switzerland and Austria.

With more than 300 institutions of higher learning, Germany’s higher education density is practically unequaled around the world, and the cost of living can be quite low if you take advantage of the many student benefits offered there.  Many of these universities offer courses leading to an international degree—a degree that will be recognized around the world for its excellence. The range of study opportunities for architectural students includes programs that lead to undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees, and many of the courses are taught exclusively in English, especially during the first year of study.  For those looking to expand their language skills, there are also a range of German language courses offered as an adjunct amenity to the program.

Aside from the quality of its educational programs, Germany is also a fantastic place for sightseeing and shopping.  It offers many of the amenities popular with students, including museums, libraries, galleries and restaurants.  Its nightlife is also fantastic, with a countless number of bars and nightclubs, where students can socialize and enjoy themselves while learning the culture and mannerisms of the German people and making friends with other like-minded individuals from around the world.

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