Interior Decorator

They know the best styles that should grace your home and they know how to combine even the quirkiest of decorations in order to create a space that boasts not only of beauty, but substance as well. And they all do it without years of honing their craft at the most prestigious schools. They have an innate talent when it comes to the arts and sometimes, because they weren’t schooled and strictly made to follow some principles, they make the most unusual of combinations that just scream fun, exciting and uniquely beautiful. Yes, Interior Decorators seem to have it all without all the hassle of having to go through years of school which is not only time consuming, but, very hard on the pockets as well. But many people are still confused when it comes to Interior Designers and Decorators. First of all, an Interior Designer has a college degree with a major in Interior Design. A decorator doesn’t have one. So that means an Interior Decorator may not know a few things like drawing with scales and so on. They may not also be knowledgeable about some other technical stuff that an Interior Designer knows. But that doesn’t mean that an Interior Designer is any better than a Decorator. That’s like saying that a Fashion Designer knows more about fashion than a fashion consultant or stylist. If history is a good example, then it is important to note that the early Interior Designers were not required to go to school and more often than not, they just relied on their instincts when it came to beautifying a space.

So what exactly does an Interior Decorator do? They act as consultants who will help clients choose the right furnishings, carpets, paint, and so on. They will help the client with such things like the perfect accessories that will complement a room’s theme. Usually, Interior Decorators focus on homes or living spaces rather than business establishments and so on. But some Interior Decorators who have a little bit of technical know-how choose to decorate other kinds of spaces that Interior Designers are usually in charge of decorating.
It is safe to say that an Interior Decorator’s life is hard but fun. At the end of the day, one has the option to be his or her own boss. The job of a decorator is hard, yes, but very gratifying and an interesting one to boot. They get to meet and mingle with the most interesting people (since we have to admit, mostly the rich and the famous are the ones with the power to hire decorators) and the salary is not too shabby either. If they know how to play their cards right, they could earn the same as Interior Designers. Or if luck truly is on their side, they could earn even more. Many Interior Decorators claim that their job is fun, interesting and a far cry from the tedious and boring eight hour shift in the office. So it is no wonder that a lot of people want to be Interior Decorators.

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