Fashion Photographer

A Fashion Photographer is a person who takes the creative mode and latest photos including videos to show off accessories, outfits, hairstyles, make-up and other shopper products. The photos are utilized to promote the product which appears in company brochures, newspapers, magazines, mail order catalogues, travel brochures, flyers, posters and websites. Fashion photography is considered as one of the high profile areas of photography. In that case, it requires upper level of organizational skills as work engages in hiring or selecting models and staff for the photo shoot, arranging sets and location. A Fashion Photographer can expect traveling around whether local or international trips and the possibility to socialize with famous celebrities, not too bad as additional benefits for this career.
The typical tasks of fashion photographer include developing good rapport with models, assisting models to relax while in front of camera to attain the best potential poses and photos, and look for best places or locations to conduct the shoot. The job also requires long working hours and skills in maximizing budget allocation.

Fashion Photographers usually get an update or details from the fashion editor or art director with regards to project requirements desire by the client. Then they discuss concerning the background scene, style, size of photos and other details. It is important for photographers to build up an easy working rapport with fashion editors or art directors and to be able to convince people to work as a team in order to obtain the shots they desire or as required by the client.

The personal traits and skills that are needed for Fashion Photographers include the artistic and originative expression, in-depth knowledge of the technical and visual looks of photography, as well as composition, camera and darkroom procedures, lighting, and particular features of paper and films. Other individual traits that requires include networking skills, good business and social abilities to converse with models and impart your ideas, aptitude to promote or encourage oneself, familiarity of latest mode in both fashion and photography industry and know how to deal with pressure due to deadlines.

Training and formal education are not necessary for Fashion Photographer. Though, holding a degree in Art or Photography is a plus point and useful for acquiring the first job. Experience of or assignment in fashion design and marketing is an advantage. Some of the well-known fashion photographers are Michael Thompson, Mario Testino, Mario Sorrenti, Steven Meisel, Helmut Newton, Patrick Demarchelier and Richard Avedon.

The career paths for fashion photographer are Director of Photography, Photo Editor, Photographer's Assistant and Staff/Freelance Photographer. Some Fashion Photographer prefers to be a freelance. Others establish their own work place or studio apartment and work with famous fashion clients. They are in charge in finding their own projects and clients. They are also responsible in estimating the entire expenses of the fashion shoots which demand the necessary clothing and accessories. Others start as a trainee and assistant as a stepping stone to achieve the full-time staff positions.

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