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La Casa del Cine is located in the central Plaza de Joanic in Barcelona and it is a school specialized in the creation, realization, and criticism of audiovisual projects. The main objective of the institution is to teach cinematography and to assist learners in discovering and developing different ideologies concerning the past, present, and future of cinema. Students are given the opportunity to work on their own projects and to facilitate this, the school has the needed facilities, equipment, and teachers to help.

To facilitate learning, La Casa del Cine has a total of four classrooms, a conference room, a set and a viewing room. There is also a computer room used for post-production and image editing classes. There is a video library with over 2000 titles on DVD accessible to all students within the school. All the classrooms are fitted with a video, LCD, and DVD player and televisions for students to watch all types of HD and digital formats. To be able to view the movies, the classes are equipped with a Dolby Digital audio system and a video projector. The school also has the best programs that are used in the post-production of sound and video and a studio for editing HD and digital formats. The school offers internship opportunities with all the equipment needed for shooting such as tripods, HD P2 system cameras, and sound and lighting equipment.

All Programs Available:
  • Arts, Design and Crafts
    • Visual Arts
    • Animation
  • Communications
    • Cinema/Film Studies
    • Interactive Media
Language of instruction


Type of school

Independent Private College


93 285 53 84


Plaça Joanic 6, Barcelona, Spain, 08024

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